June 18th, 2008

In case you hadn’t noticed, we talk a lot about pain around here. Why? Because it’s sexy–and playful–and that makes it a great fit for games. The fact that I love my bruises probably has something to do with it, too.

Two weeks ago we checked out a new Flash game based on torture. It was goofy, but it made cool macabre art. Plus, it involved chainsaws. This is actually an idea we discussed here before: inflicting pain as game. Remember when we talked about sadism in surgery games? In the wake of all that brightly-colored gore, we pondered what an intentionally sadistic game would look like–and what it would be like to play. That got one reader thinking, and thinking some more, until he ended up with a concept for his own BDSM-style “torture” game.

His game is still untitled, but reader Alfonso Crawford has but sending regular updates on his sexy side project–including some initial sketches like the one above. So far we know it can be played from both the perspective of the dom (i.e. the avatar who inflicts pain) and the sub (i.e. the avatar who receives it), and that it has a “noir” ambiance. It seems the game’s basic mechanic breaks down the sub’s body into various zones, which the dom acts upon with various levels of tension. Interestingly though, the sub gets to act to by specifying the amount of tension or release she/he concentrates on the area being hit.

I’m excited to see how such a unique mechanic will play out. Needless to say, I’m psyched to see the sub having agency. I’m equally psyched that Crawford’s sketches envision the sub as female. Anyone about to use the word “patriarchy,” please exit the pool. It takes a lot more balls to portray hitting a woman as art than hitting a man (no easy task either). Let the female empowerment through masochism–or just the cool, reader-created sex games–begin!

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