June 13th, 2008

Resident Evil 5 gets a sexy female co-star. Still unnamed, this Lara Croft look-alike seems to be sporting more reasonable combat clothing than her girlish predecessors (Jill Valentine, I’m looking at you), and also more ass. But will shaking it scare away zombies or attract them?

Age of Conan causes even more boob-related controversy this week after Wonderland’s Alice turns up the true secrets to its graphical success: g-strings and realistically-rendered nipples.

And Harvest Moon Cute DS is apparently downright adorable in Japan–at least when it comes to lesbians. Yes, in the Japanese release players can partner with female characters, raise children together, and even take part in a “Best Friends Ceremony,” making their super cute love euphemistically official before the eyes of all fellow harvesters. Unsurprisingly, the US release features no such “best friends,” only predictable little heterosexual farmers.

Have a sexy weekend, Heroine Sheik readers!

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