May 30th, 2008

As of yesterday, I am officially an American re-pat. How weird is it to walk into a restaurant and have the waitress speak to you in English? It’s like the Twilight Zone up in here. La Belle France, I miss you already. Anyways, in something resembling news:

-The Wii Fit reviews are out, and despite some interesting PR, I can’t say I’m surprised. The A.V. Club, my own reviewing alma mater, claims that in spite of its high price, it comes off as a budget title. The Guardian Gamesblog laments that the game’s novelty has worn off after less than a week. Apparently yoga is the best part of Wii Fit, but that actually makes me want it less. Sure, being stretchy is sexy, but last time I tried yoga I felt more like a pretzel than a vixen.

-Finally there’s papercraft for idiots like me! Cubeecraft brings us these adorable, square-headed do-it-yourself video game characters. Unlike other papercraft, which comes out damn impressive but definitely stirs up my dyslexia, these guys are simple to put together and damn cute. Plus there’s something creepy and wonderful about seeing them smiling and splaying before assembly. Mario skin rug, anyone?

-For those with ambitions more academic than folding game characters, check out the call for submissions at Meaningful Play, a three-day conference that’ll take place this October at Michigan State University. They’re looking for papers from professionals as well as students that explore the “meaningful applications of games” and “designing meaningful play”–but come on, those topic are broad enough that with the right spin you could discuss just about anything. Sweet, sweet open-ended academia.

Happy weekend!

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