May 23rd, 2008

-Apparently not only is XboxLive a breeding ground for ever-so-tasteless homophobic insults (tell me know one else has ever been called “a fucking fag”–either for losing or winning a match), it’s also a place where actual references to sexuality are apparenty banned. First Microsoft made a user called “theGAYERgamer” change his name. Then a Mr. “RichardGaywood” met the same fate. Apparently “theStraightergamer” would also rub Microsoft the wrong way, but come on. Don’t tell me we’re protecting the children, because those children trounce me and hump my corpse all the time.

-MTV reports on a recent Wii Fit launch in Central Park, where men and women of all ages were invited to check out the game. I was surprised to see how the Wii Fit was advertised here in France, so it was interesting to see that a similar American audience (middle-aged non-gamers) also seemed to dig the title. A number claimed they’d even buy Wiis just for it. I know yoga is cool, but really?

– Also, a reminder for all those interested in using virtual worlds to teach second languages, SLanguages2008–a 24-hour virtual conference on the topic–is taking place this Saturday and Sunday. Says the press release, “Allowing the participants to exchange ideas and share experiences simultaneously around the world… the online conference is free to attend and includes talks, workshops, discussions and posters on language education using virtual worlds such as Second Life. The events will cover methodologies, teaching tools and experiences.”

Happy weekend!

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5 Responses to “This Week: Homophobic, Fit, and Educational”

  1. Soulofaqua Says:

    I love to scare the lil children whom always call me gay by saying sowhat? and making them believe I actually am gay xD they really don’t expect that.
    I myself as a Gameshop employee also noticed how games like Wii Fit and Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training can trick middle-aged non-gamers, they keep coming in asking about those games without ever getting that they actually have to freaking buy a Nintendo Wii or DS to actually play it. Especially with Brain Training. There also are enough who think it replaces the atleast twice a weekly workouts and the diets… ITS A FRIKKING GAME!! is what I want to scream to those.

  2. Courtney Taylor Says:

    So here’s my take:

    Xbox live needs to get a grip and stop being stupid.

    Wii Fit sold out in a couple hours at the Target I work at, so Nintendo has clearly done something right.

    And I’m currently learning Spanish from a Nintendo DS game, so second languages from games is something I’m totally on board with.

  3. The Guy Says:

    Having a 360 and being a gamer who regularly plays Team Fortress 2, Grand Theft Auto IV and Rock Band online I have never been called a fag, or any other insult racist or otherwise outside of a playful “fubar” from a friend every now and then.

    My secret?

    I don’t play Halo. Problem solved!

  4. Soulofaqua Says:

    @ Courtney Taylor:

    Expect that to by happening for several weeks on,

    @ The Guy:

    I had an especially bad mouthed person taunting me in GTA IV and I also had some taunts at Team Fortress 2 but that was when I was singing Chocolate Rain… so well the TF2 one was with some reason in it.

  5. Bonnie Ruberg Says:

    For a more expressive rant on why XBL’s ban on “gay” is ridiculous, check out this post from Lesbian Gamers.

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