May 22nd, 2008

Up this week at Gamasutra is a feature I put together on the top 20 women currently working in the video game industry. Joining me on the official selection panel were game designers and generally awesome people, Brenda Brathwaite and Sheri Graner Ray. Though similar lists have been published in the past, this one is set apart by Brenda and Sheri’s priceless–and amusing–insights on their fellow industry members.

While I’m glad to shine as much light as possible on the awesome work women are doing in games, I’ll admit the piece was a doozy (wow, that may be the first time I’ve ever used the word “doozy”) to work on. Plus, picking only 20 women got downright hard. Check out the piece to see who made the final cuts:

Some of these women are also industry veterans, and others are newcomers, dazzling the gaming world with their novel energy and creativity. In deciding who would make the list, the 2008 panel strove to include women from all parts of the industry — from development, to marketing, to writing — and to represent many different talents, both old and new.

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6 Responses to “‘Women in Games: the Gamasutra 20’”

  1. pat m. Says:

    they’re all white.

  2. Anne Says:

    There are a number of transitioned m2f women in the industry out there, I wonder if they even gave them any consideration.

  3. turkmenistan Says:

    None of them had a mole on their right cheek. I wonder if you even took two seconds to think about representing women who have moles on their right cheek.

  4. Bonnie Ruberg Says:

    It’s true they’re all white. To be fair though, most of them I knew as names long before I knew them as faces–so I’m prone to say it’s more an issue of who’s in the games industry rather than who I (or Sheri, or Brenda) thought were important according to race lines. With that said, I’m more than interested to hear about non-white women you think are important to gaming…?

    Anne, Dani Berry was actually on the list up until the last minute, when I decided she just wasn’t current enough in her influence (she died nearly a decade ago). Is there someone else in particular you were thinking of?

  5. pat m. Says:

  6. Token Minorities Says:

    The 20 Most Important White Women in Gaming…

    Bonnie Ruberg blogged over at Heroine Sheik about her piece over at Gamasutra, “Women in Games: The Gamasutra 20″. Which is great! We need more pieces about women in the gaming industry – lord knows there aren’t enough of them (women…

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