April 15th, 2008

This is supposed to be a post about Three Ring’s new online game, appropriately titled Whirled, which got officially announced at this February’s GDC. For the moment, I just can’t seem to get over this photo of Daniel James in his pirate gear. Why does that make me melt? I mean, I’ve interviewed Three Rings before without getting all flustered–Michael Bayne specifically, and for the release of Bang! Howdy. Hmm, I think I picked the wrong company head…

Right, news. So Whirled is an interesting little project executed with typical Three Rings aesthetics (that is to say, adorable ones). In theory, it combines user-generated content with mini games and fun social environments, all in a sort of compromise between developer and player. In effect though, Whirled isn’t quite as fun as its idea–at least not yet. There’s barely anyone around on the open beta, and the user-created mini games can often be hard to use. Plus the semi-3D social environments are, Club Penguin-style, fun to look at but awkward to navigate.

Players do, however, get to start their social lives in Whirled as a block of happy, dancing tofu who sings along to Beatles music. If that’s not worth the time to check the game out, I don’t know what is. Plus, the project’s early code name was Metasoy. As a vegetarian, I’m sensing a delicious pattern…

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5 Responses to “From Three Rings, Life as Tofu”

  1. Courtney Taylor Says:

    Dancing tofu? I don’t know if I want to be a dancing piece of tofu…

  2. Scott Jon Siegel Says:

    I’m definitely a Daniel James fan. Puzzle Pirates and Bang! Howdy are obvious reasons, but a less obvious reason is his personal site, which ranks up there as one of my favorite things on the internet ever:


  3. Bonnie Ruberg Says:

    My favorite part is “You are surprisingly undisturbed by a giant Pirate ship beached in the desert nearby.”

    Also, who wouldn’t want to be dancing tofu?

  4. Darkpen Says:

    Well, technically the aesthetic is from webcomic artist Ian McConville, of MacHall and current Three Panel Soul fame. But he’s part of Three Rings, so technicalities don’t really matter :P


  5. Bonnie Ruberg Says:

    Good call! Also, judging by the current comic, I think I should stop smiling before I turn 25 :).

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