April 4th, 2008

-Miss Bimbo, the tongue-and-cheek (and apparently also finger-down-throat) online game that encourages players to make their gorgeous female avatar “the finest, coolest bimbo that ever existed” by starvation, medication, and breast augmentation, has come under serious fire from parents who say the game sends a harmful message to young girls. Well, duh. For constructive thoughts on this infamous blond, Leigh on has a piece on GameSetWatch tackling how the whole fiasco fits in with the girl games industry.

-Miss Ann Thropic from Thumb Bandits has gone all cross-over episode on us and written a super fun piece for Lesbian Gamers called “Video Gaming Tips for Lesbians.” The list includes such tidbits of wisdom: “never play a game until your fingers are cramped” since you might need them for something more important (wink wink, nudge nudge) and don’t store your dildos with your wii-motes. This will ensure that when your mom visits and tries out the Wii, you don’t hear her shouting, “Honey, I don’t think it’s working!”

-This past Sunday, Best Buys across America supposedly hosted “Wii for Women” events, where female customers could come in, test out games, and possibly even win a console. Susan at Game/Life raised some good questions: Would men be shooed away? Would young girls be encouraged to join in? Is the whole event even a good idea? If anyone happened to be in a Best Buy last weekend, I’m super curious to know how it went.

Happy weekend!

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