March 21st, 2008

-Wouldn’t the world be a better place if it were filled with at least one really inappropriate video game cake? If you believe in the power of frosting underpants, then go on and take the Heroine Sheik survey. We still need 33 more people to fill it out before the baking can commence. Last chance!

-Only three months later than expected, the closed beta for Zivity has finally opened, allowing drooling oglers with press creds like me to scope supposedly Web 2.0 style non-porn porn. You’ll remember Zivity as the site that claimed to be joining social networking with amateur beauties to bring innovation to the world of online nakedness. So far I’m seeing a lot of nakedness, but not a lot of innovation. Stay tuned for updates…

-I’m not normally a fan of Game Daily’s million-and-a-half, often sexually-themed picture galleries. Don’t get me wrong, I’m as curious as the next gal which ten game characters “need to get laid,” but when a new slideshow comes out every day–and with shoddy commentary at that–it’s starts to feel so… attention needy. Anyways, despite my Grinch-dom, I couldn’t help but giggle at this brilliant (in concept, at least) collection of “Top 10 Pokémon We’d Like to Eat.” Just the other day, Scott and I were talking about the politics of pokémon eating. Then he went ahead and posted about it on Joystiq. Then he added “Peking-style Psyduck” to our grocery list. So very, very wrong…

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3 Responses to “This Week: Lastly, Finally, and So Wrong It’s Right”

  1. Anne Packrat Says:

    Not sure I agree with the list. I mean, Magikarp? Really? It’s Pokedex entry says the meat tastes terrible and no one eats it as a result.

    And how can you ignore Farfetch’d? He comes with his own seasoning for godssake!

  2. Courtney Taylor Says:

    While fried calamari always sounds good, I question one point on your list… or rather, I have an addition. Why no sheep pokemon?! Lamb might be some of the most delicious meat on the planet. I demand sheep! lol

  3. Bonnie Ruberg Says:

    Leave it to Anne to know what a pokémon’s pokedex entry says about their tastiness :).

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