February 29th, 2008

-New in the world of solo sex games, porn industry magazine AVN reports that Hustler has released its own online, subscription based poke-the-doll title, Hustler 3D. Regina notes that, far from being a free roaming social sex game, Hustler 3D is mostly for modeling, prodding, and ogling virtual babes–and looks much like Brad Abram’s Virtually Jenna, whose flying fruit dildos and dislocated licking tongues we’ve talked at Heroine Sheik about many a time. You’re right, Regina, but I’d go even farther and say it looks like Hustler 3D and Virtually Jenna are actually the same game–with a few minor tweaks. Still waiting on the official PR word, but is that a floating paddle I spy with my little eye?

-In the world of non-sex games, Joystiq reports that Far Cry 2 will use malaria as a game mechanic. Specifically, the game’s Western hero will become infected upon arrival into a made-up African, and will continually have to collect medicine from the civilian AI in order to stay healthy. Of course, it’s great to see someone implementing disease as a game mechanic, even in this simple way. Still, infection in Africa can’t help but bring up some other video game issues I won’t mention for fear (more like annoyance) of restarting the hate mail.

-And in the world of just general sexy coolness, Boinkology reports on erotica that you can read through a Twitter feed. That’s right, it’s an erotic story told line by line user the Twitter account “Twittilate.” So far the story is pretty entertaining (Twitters from a few days ago included in-office masturbation with an electric toothbrush), but the real fun is in having it fed to you line by line. Although the suspense of waiting hours for each next tidbit might make the experience drag on instead of linger.

-Lastly, I adore all the tiny Kirbies. I think Sheik Kirby should our new unofficial mascot!

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2 Responses to “This Week: Erotic, Infected, and Strangely Familiar”

  1. Scott Jon Siegel Says:

    Allow me to just take a moment and say: hooray for Heroine Sheik’s new look!

  2. Bonnie Ruberg Says:

    Oh, no worries, person who made Heroine Sheik new and pretty, there will be an entire post next week dedicated to your awesome-ness :).

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