February 22nd, 2008

Yes, this is a video of women dressed like bunnies punching the crotches of other women dressed like bunnies in the (clearly class-tastic game) Fighter Maker 2. Yes, it’s ridiculous and juvenile. But it’s also too good to pass up. Come on, guys, it’s Friday.In more constructive link news, Kotaku has a look at objectivism and the president of the Ayn Rand Institute as they relate to Bioshock. It sounds smart–now if we could only figure out what the heck objectivism is. There’s also the pressing matter of whether the Ayn Rand Institute sells collectible t-shirts with the author’s lovely, capitalist face on them… ’cause that would just be too cute. Destructoid also points out Amsterdam is starting construction on some Rapture-esque underwater building. Amsterdam, I like you a lot, but that seems to be me like one bad trip.

Back in the world of sex and gender, we’ve got a list of the top ten (alternative) video game heroines from fellow TN-er Mia Consalvo’s blog. Most notably, it includes Okami‘s Amaterasu. She’s female, she’s a wolf, and she’s badass with a paint brush. Plus she’s got none of those tricky sexualized/not sexualized character design issues. Granted, that’s because she’s not a person. Wait, you don’t have a thing for dogs, right?

Oh, and someone else has realized that half of Europe looks like it’s straight out of a survival horror game. Plus Cooking Mama gets her smiling face punched in for trying to be “Wonderful! Better than a man!”

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