February 17th, 2008

For the past week or two, the Palais des Festivals in Cannes (famous as the seat of the annual film festival and only half an hour from my apartment in Grasse) has been home to the Festival des Jeux–a “analogue” games event where French people of all ages and potential dork levels can take some time from wandering the Riviera beaches to test out board and card games. This weekend the show also featured a fan festival–a separate area for teenage Otaku to pull out their goth umbrellas, buy some anime merch, and hang out among equally pale friends. I didn’t know kids like this existed here. Where are they in my English classes?

All in all, the event was fun, but more laid back than most video game shows. Chessex’s booth, full of hundreds of colorful, back-lit dice, was easily my favorite, but that’s mostly because I’m entertained by shiny objects. It was also nice to see such a diverse crowd at a gaming festival. There were women and small children all around and, well, women and small children was impressive enough. Plus I discovered I’m addicted to Blockus–which, by the way, gives all its players the valid opportunity to call their opponents “cockus.”

Amusingly enough, the PR woman for the festival didn’t believe that I wrote for The Village Voice‘s site. Granted, I hadn’t registered as press and I didn’t have a business card with me (I figured, it’s half an hour away, I’ll just go), but the look she gave me was so French, like “You’re not wearing high heels and your coat doesn’t match your pants and you’re young and female and you write for the Voice but you just happen to live here in France? Yeah right!” So that stung. Granted, I should be proud she had such a high opinion of my newspaper, but ouch, lady. No worries though, as I’ve exacted my petty revenge by giving her event a slapdash write-up and groping one of her LEGO statues. Who knew those things had breasts?

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