February 17th, 2008

Last year’s GDC was a blast. Alas, this year I’m living a full nine time zones away from the San Francisco industry event, so I won’t be making the trip. Besides, hanging out in an English-speaking country for a whole week then coming back to France might make my head explode. Wait, what language do I speak again?

Instead, I’ll be making up for my GDC absence by wandering Vienna, staring at pretty horses, and drooling over creepy fin de siècle art during my own vacances scholaires. While I’m away, my new Click Me–which is about everyone’s favorite video-game porn, Whorelore–should go up at the Voice. Also, feel free to entertain yourselves with this “Which new Smash Bros. character are you… in bed?” love quiz. It makes me giggle, plus it has colorful pictures.

Happy GDC to anyone and everyone who is there this year! I must say, part of me is happy to be missing the hubbub–but, since I’m planning to move to San Fran when I’m done here in France, I can’t say I’ll likely be absent again. In the spirit of event-related happiness, I leave you with tidbits from last year’s Bonnie coverage, back when I escaped to California for a week of avoiding my senior thesis. I’m not sure if that seems like a really long time ago or not that long at all. Yucky, it’s like I’m growing up or something…

On Trip Hawkins, publishing indie games, and Manifesto making you ill.
On beer, Jane McGonigal, and clowns falling down stairs.
Interview: Clint Hocking says he plays games like a girl.
Interview: Raph Koster gets all evil genius re: kids MMOs.

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