February 15th, 2008

So many happy adjectives. Ironically, the sun is shining and it’s downright gorgeous here by the Mediterranean. Anyways, onto the death:

Joystiq reports that, in the grand tradition of Typing of the Dead, Sega will be releasing for the DS a game called English of the Dead. That’s right, this game will train non-native speakers to type and translate English words–with the added incentive of ZOMBIES! This is one homework assignment I think my French ESL hooligans might actually do.

-Thought Central Park was already creepy enough after dark? Destructoid points our scare-loving attention to survival horror game Alone in the Dark: Central Dark (yup, that’s a lot of darkness), which uses America’s most visited park–sorry, facts I know from teaching disinterested teenagers about Manhattan–as the location for apocalyptic secrets… or something. What’s more interested than the spooky “blockbuster action” the game’s site promises is how the premise combines the archetypal horror settings of rural and urban. You’re wandering the woods, in the middle of New York City. Forget the game; the idea itself is kind of creepy.

-Lastly, we’ve got a game called “Black Death” (Penumbra: Black Death, to be specific) which unfortunately doesn’t seem to have anything to do with plague. Am I wrong? When will game designers and/or disease researchers realize that sickness makes an excellent game mechanic–and a darn spooky one at that? Let’s take this whole zombie thing one step farther, people, and get ourselves a real Black Death simulation game, complete with eerie plague art and all!

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