February 1st, 2008

First off this week is an actual working link to my “The Top Ten Reasons Why Cybersex is Good for You” piece. Better late than never, right? Also you, yes you, go out and have cybersex! Or at the very least, spread the word. Faux-science has proven it will make you live longer and earn more money and be a sexier lover. Okay, only that last one is true–but there are still nine other reasons left.

Also this week, we’ve got the upcoming release of the MMO documentary Second Skin. Watch the trailer or head to SXSW (fingers crossed for you, Pure West) to see the real thing. I’m disappointed it doesn’t look there are any female talking heads in the film. Second Skin was shooting two years ago while I was living in Ireland. I was supposed to fly out to talk about–surprise surprise–sex and gender in MMOs, but pooped out on the plane ride, etc. I hope it’s still compelling, even without my oh-so-compelling face in it. Maybe they’ll even mention how you can get jeans glued together in Second Life

Last, in the wake of the Mass Effect travesty, we’ve got this entertained list from Wired’s Lore Sj√∂berg of video games big media never realized were sexual. Of course, none of them actually are, which is what makes it all the more hilarious. Check his justification for sensationalizing Geometry Wars:

Geometry is math. Math leads to science. Science leads to lies. Thus, Geometry Wars directly indoctrinates our children into the evolutionary lie that we’re all descended from homosexual monkeys. Naked homosexual monkeys. We recommend instead the game Intelligent Design Wars, which is just like Geometry Wars, except that the credits read, “We don’t know who made this. (But it was probably God.)”

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