January 25th, 2008

This week has been a busy one in real-world Bonnie life. My soon-to-be in-laws were visiting from the States: which meant lots of lovely meals, a trip to the circus (!), and zero time for gaming. Now they’re home, and I’m back to spending my days with my nose pressed into my computer screen. Ah, minternet, that sweet, sweet, minty mistress.

-Some news that’s both good and tasty: in a fit of procrastination, I injected Gamecakes.com with a whole bakery full of new posts–much the same way Dunkin’ Donuts injects icing into the center of their squishy pastries. We’ve got a Mario cake, a Sonic cake, a Rock Band cake–all submitted by loyal, cake-baking fans. Check it out, and commence the drooling.

This review of Aquaria reminded me to state out loud (as opposed to in the comments, or just in my head) that I’m hoping to start doing independent game reviews for the Voice online–with the ultimate goal of getting more mainstream attention on worthwhile, creative titles, and not “blockbuster” shooting fests. Here’s to putting my money where my mouth is!

-Last, Leigh has a fun Aberrant Gamer up about picking a female mate in Harvest Moon. From the column:

“I started with nothing but an empty lot, overrun with stones and weeds. And over the course of years, I labored from sunup to sundown, building my humble farm. The seasons marched on… but I persevered… The only thing left for me, as master of this fruitful domain, [was] to find one special girl to make my wife.”

What’s most interesting is to hear why Leigh did or didn’t pick certain mates:

“I positively adored the semi-juvenile, vaguely temperamental mermaid who’d been living in the bathtub of a nerdy scientist… I visited her once a week at midnight on the shoreline. It was so romantic, I bucked up and gave her the Blue Feather that signified a proposal… But she’s a mermaid. She needs water. I found myself, after our wedding ceremony, with a very sweet little wife who lives, round the clock, in the duck pond outside my house. The very fact that, despite my marriage, I still had to sleep alone, prompted me to reset the game.

Even worse, after realizing the mermaid was exotic enough to capture my attention and yet too exotic to settle down with (I confess, I’ve heard real men describe some girls in similar terms), I turned my attention to the quiet, sweet and domestic little farm girl. Her health is frail, and she likes to stay home and cook delicious vegetables. I could picture her shuffling peacefully around my kitchen. I ought to be ashamed of myself.”

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4 Responses to “This Week: Flirty, Indie, and Delicious”

  1. Mutant for Hire Says:

    I see you used ‘delicious’ this time. :)

    As for Harvest Moon, I should point out that this sort of behavior was pretty commonplace in the Sims. People made their characters do all sorts of terrible things. I have yet to meet a woman who played with dolls as a child who didn’t make them do strange things at times.

  2. Bonnie Ruberg Says:

    Indeed. It was totally your delicious suggestion!

    My point is less that Leigh made her characters do bad things–and more that she was looking for such traditional traits in a wife, like someone who would shuffle around the kitchen :).

  3. Jayden Rego Says:

    Hehe! Good work!

  4. jenny Says:

    Hi, did you make the sonic cake? Can you tell me how did you make it? I am not good at freehand drawing. How did you manage to have such a perfect outline and artwork?

    I want to make the same cake for my daughter’s birthday. Please help!

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