January 24th, 2008

And you thought the Hello Kitty vibrator was weird. Trust me: if you ever want to freak out the people around you in public, just pull out a sketch pad and straight drawing Hello Kitty in compromising positions. Mothers stare; children cry. Okay, children don’t cry. But it’s still great.

In days gone by I’ve been an art dork (now I’m just a writing and/or games dork), so I still keep up dorky side projects that satisfy my love of crayons and my general strangeness. Thus was born this series of Inappropriate Hello Kitties, drawings that question or just straight-up mess with the Hello Kitty pop icon. Included in the series are submissive Hello Kitty, flag-burning Hello Kitty, lesbian Hello Kitty, pole-dancing Hello Kitty, naked Hello Kitty, actual kitty Hello Kitty, and “I’d like to eat this pie. Oh wait, I have no mouth” Hello Kitty. That last one Scott has subtitled “Bukkake Hello Kitty (same face, more stains, no pie).” Classy.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Hello Kitty as much as the next girl with a Hello Kitty toaster in her kitchen. So I’d like to say that the Inappropriate Hello Kitties were drawn for the giggle factor–as in, they make me giggle–but as things often go with Bonnie, there was actually some twisted thought behind them. As an icon, Hello Kitty is somehow simultaneously sexless and implicitly sexual. Putting that sexuality on the surface though (that is, altering the icon) seems so wrong. Why is that? Scott points out that even on Rule #34, where everything under the sun has been turned into porn, there is not a single nudie Hello Kitty…

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7 Responses to “Lesbian, Naked, Submissive: Meet the Inappropriate Hello Kitties”

  1. darkpen Says:

    …wow XD

  2. Bonnie Ruberg Says:

    Haha, yeah, that sounds like the “concerned mothers in public” response :).

  3. Twitch Says:

    As a long time frequenter of Rule 34 (and Heroine Sheik), I can say without a doubt that there is in fact a number of Hello Kitty images on the site. Just for the sake of fairness, I opted to search just to be certain, and sure enough, there they are.

    As a side note, you could upload your own artwork as well, if you were so inclined. I certainly found them entertaining. ;)

  4. Bonnie Ruberg Says:

    Good catch, Twitch. It’s that underscore that threw me off :). An while I don’t know if the inappropriate Hello Kitties quite meet the sexy-nature of most Rule 34 images, I’m certainly glad they entertained you!

  5. Cybersexy Says:

    Thanks Bonnie! I got a sadistic kick out of those. :)

    Ever since my teenage stepdaughter introduced me to Hello Kitty (ME: “You mean that’s actually a character? It looks like some kind of artwork you’d see in a five-year old’s room.”), I have despised the inane nature of the character. By comparison, Teletubbies are living life on the wild side.

    Needless to say, anything which mocks Hello Kitty is ok by me.

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