January 18th, 2008

Yes, I know “cookies” isn’t an adjective. I don’t care. That’s how excited I am about cookies. Now, without further, sugar-induced ado, what’s cool in the news this week:

-Apparently spammers have discovered that humans can be convinced to do the work of robots when promised pictures of naked women. In order to get passed Captchas–those annoying images that test your bot/non-bot status by having you read garbled letters–aforementioned spammers have actual people type in the codes as part of a game of online strip tease. Who’s stripping? Busty, blond beauty “Melissa.” Read the Captcha correctly, and she’ll take off another layer of clothing. Kind of ridiculous, considering how easy it is to find pictures of fully naked women on the internet. Then again, if it weren’t for all the spamming, I’d actually want to play.

-In case you aren’t already rolling your eyes in annoyance and disgust (and you’d like to be), check out the ridiculous right-wing response to the same-sex action in Mass Effect. I could go on forever about the absurdity–the phrases “digital chip age” and “customizable sodomy” come to mind–but too much attention has already been given to this homophobic wacko. So let’s leave it at that.

-Getting passed around is Game Daily’s coverage of the Adult Entertainment Expo, in which reporters asked porn stars what they thought of video game characters and the boys who played with them. Kotaku seems impressed by this hottie who (lions and tigers and bear, oh my!) actually knows her way around a controller. Personally, I’m more entertained by Game Daily’s responses than the porn stars themselves. They practically melt when when one star says she’d cheer on her gaming man by shouting, “Go! Go! Get the high score! Do it for me!” Hilarious.

-Our buddies at The Weekly Geek direct our baking-addicted, bright-color-loving attention to these pixel cookies, which use a Play-Doh tool to get perfect little squares. As delicious as they look, eating them would mean fighting against twenty-two years of social training not to eat Play-Doh.

-Last but not least, commenter Halfassured directs our attention to a site called Rule #34–which has amassed a crazy landfill of fan art hentai. Never thought you’d see two Pokemon having graphic sex? Yeah, me neither.

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6 Responses to “This Week: Stripped, Ridiculous, and Cookies!”

  1. Fred Zeleny Says:

    The “solve a captcha, see some porn” thing systems is something Luis von Ahn talks about in his speech on human computing. As a game designer looking for ways to apply games to actually productive tasks, I find the speech and its various implications deeply fascinating.

    If you’re interested in how that sort of thing can be applied to labeling all of the pictures on the web or teaching computers subtle nuances of “common sense”, check it out!

  2. Fred Zeleny Says:

    Also, I should really remember to proof-read my comments before submitting them.

    “… thing systems is something”?

    I writin’ BAD!

  3. Bonnie Ruberg Says:

    The whole idea of applying games to productive tasks actually makes me thing about my theory on gyms. You’ve got a hundred or so people sitting on machines, pedaling and running away, generating energy. Then we all get back in our cars full of super expensive gas and drive home from the gym. Shouldn’t there be a way to harness that? Maybe it’s just the post-gym burn anger talking :).

    Anyways Fred, I’ll definitely check that out. Thanks!

  4. Mutant for Hire Says:

    The title this week should have been “Stripped, Ridiculous and Delicious”.

    And one science fiction writer has said that spam filters are nothing more than a Turing test. Now we are seeing humans used to bypass another form of Turing test.

    As for this captcha thing, the reason that in some ways its more appealing than free porn is that it does give a sense of accomplishment. Virtual worlds are finding it’s more productive to let people earn things than just giving it to them.

  5. Bonnie Ruberg Says:

    The title this week should have been “Stripped, Ridiculous and Delicious”
    Yes, but then I wouldn’t have gotten to say the word “cookies” so many times :).

    That’s an interesting way to look at spam filters. It makes me think of the spam emails we all get. A lot of time they’re laughable because the language is so clearly “not human”–that is, so clearly pieced together by a machine. Sometimes though, they read as “not English-speaking” instead. Especially since I’m living in a country we’re I’m not a native speakers, that then makes me wonder about transferring the concepts behind the Turing test (human/non-human) to language (native/non-native speaker). Can you tell who is who?

  6. Anne Packrat Says:

    The Pokemon fandom is a goldmine for wrong erotic fanworks. I found a fanfic that have two Pichus raping their Pikachu father over breakfast.

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