December 18th, 2007

Last week Tracey from MTV Multiplayer (and fellow GameCakes dork) did a series of interviews with women in the video game industry. On the list was Morgan Webb from G4, Jane Pinckard from Game Girl Advance, Elspeth Tory from Assassin’s Creed, sex and games guru Brenda Brathwaite, and Sega’s Tali Fischer. Props to Tracey for showing such a wide range of female voices!

Morgan Webb for one gets credit for calling herself “a nerd with some spit polish and somebody to do my hair” and for sticking up for her feminine wiles (“If I were a guy, I’d probably be like an editor at GameSpot… which is totally respectable, but I wouldn’t have my own TV show.”). She loses points though for calling games “a time-waster.” “I don’t think the world will necessarily be a better place if I get lots of young woman to play video games,” she says. It may be true, but lets give the medium we love at least a little support.

As for Jane Pinckard, she gets fighting mad by the end of her interview. She calls for women in the industry to “say controversial things” and not “take this shit lying down,” even if it gets you called a “bitch.” Controversial? Check. Name calling? Check. Angry mobs of gamers on your cyber doorstep? Check. Hmm, this is all starting to sound strangely familiar…

Tags: feminism, gender, The "industry", Women rock!

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