December 17th, 2007

Yes, I’ve somehow crossed the line from cybersex researcher to plain old cyber slut. A fellow games writer who shall remain nameless emailed me the other day, and happened to mention he’d purchased a webcam. I took that to mean he was using it for sexiness (seriously, does anyone own a webcam who isn’t wanking in front of it?). From there I apparently leapt to offering to help him try it out, wink wink. It couldn’t have been that crass; this particular game writing friend and I even have a sexy online history. Still, I got told, “If jumping to conclusions were an Olympic sport, you’d get the gold medal.”

Ouch. Well, at least I’d get a gold medal for something. Anyways, I blame all the “research” cybersex. And all the writing about sex. And all the thinking about sex. It’s like that episode of Friends where they get the pay-per-view porn channel for free, so they sit in front of it for days. Then they’re really confused why the bank teller doesn’t offer them sex in the vault, or why the pizza deliver guy doesn’t strip down. After long enough, it’s hard to remember that everyone else doesn’t have sex on the brain 24/7. At least, not that they’ll admit.

My cyber slut-dom apparently has some use, though. For example–in combination with my general love of shiny new toys–it helped me put together a holiday cybersex gift guide: this week’s Click Me. Webcams, lingerie, enough online cash to buy time with 50 internet prostitutes–it’s everything a cybersex enthusiast could want. Next week, check back for a year-end Click Me, featuring the best and worst moments from my personal floozy exploits. And you thought winning a gold medal was bad!

P.S. The photo for this post is of me showing off the pasties that came with the striptease kit I reviewed. First step, promiscuous cybersex. Second step, a career as a professional stripper.

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7 Responses to “I Have Become a Cyber Floozy”

  1. Danielle Says:

    Wouldn’t it be ‘gold medal’? ;)

    But really, I would assume the same thing.

  2. Bonnie Ruberg Says:

    Ouch, wow, that’s minus one point for Bonnie the editor. Thanks!

  3. Cadallin Says:

    Ah, the grandeurs of old Europe. Where the scarlet haired beauties just toss themselves at hapless bibliophiles (through their computers)

  4. Bonnie Ruberg Says:

    You use fun words. I like you. Let’s be friends :).

  5. Woodstock Says:

    Well, now I know what my new online pickup-line is going to be. “Hey baby, I just got a new webcam!” ;-)

  6. Michael Says:

    Hey–are you eating right in France?
    You’re looking rather thin. You can’t
    live on escargot and coffee. One or
    both aren’t kosher…both, if you dunk.

    (If the look is intentional, Hey! you’re
    even foxier than before–)

    On a semi-related subject–e-mail me
    back. I’ve been active on SL for a few
    weeks and wanted to discuss my experiences
    with an imbedded journalist. Or at least
    one I’d like to imbed.

  7. Bonnie Ruberg Says:

    Hey, Michael. Weird, I know I responded to your email (the one about NSA sex, right?), but I can’t find the response anywhere in my sent mail. Crazy Voice email… To answer your initial question, I’m glad you’re finding out about yourself, even if that couple wasn’t working out so well. Whether you’re still looking for casual sex or a relationship, I’ve heard lots of success stories for OkCupid recently–both for hook-ups and for love connections.

    As for snails–ewie :)! I’ve actually lots about 25 pounds in the last few months (on purpose). Thanks for noticing! I’d love to talk to you sometime about your experience. What happened?

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