December 14th, 2007

Being a sex writer and a teacher makes for an interesting combination. As I’ve mentioned, I’m teaching English to French high school students part-time this year. Most of them are boys. Some of them are only a year or two younger than me. They come packed with moped-driving energy, and I get to control them by the classroom full. I lovingly refer to the as my “hooligans.”

My hooligans, thank goodness, have no idea what I write about. If they knew my last name, if they Googled me, and if they actually understood the results (those are big ifs), the classroom might be a very different place. So far, the few teachers I’ve talked to about my writing have been surprisingly supportive and nonchalant. Still, the teaching/sex writing combination sometimes makes me feel funny. And I’m the last person to be embarrassed or apologetic about what I do.

It was with all that in mind that I came across Regina Lynn’s recent column about teachers in Ohio who were told they couldn’t use social networking or dating sites because it would encourage inappropriate relationships with their students. Eek! I wonder what the state of Ohio would have to say about cybersex. Luckily, I don’t think there’s a chance that my English-speaking lovers are secretly French technical school students–though they’re knowledge of sex words (and there lack of knowledge of anything else) does sometimes amaze me.

Anyways, thank to Regina for sticking up for the sexy rights of us teachers. As for this teacher, I’m off to Sweden for the weekend to frolic in Christmas markets and ingest Glogg. It may not be sexy, but it promises to be delicious!

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