November 19th, 2007

I try to stay away, but they just look so delicious.

Sadly, due in no small part to my own cake-y negligence, it seems has become a barren (if well-frosted) wilderness. Still, Kotaku can be trusted to break down every now and again and post about particularly awesome game cakes–like this multi-later Wind Waker beauty. Recognize the Link toy on the top? It seems the gender-ambiguous Heroine Sheik mascot has been lured away from home with sugar.

Equally adorable, and just as brightly colored, are these Mario cupcakes. You got to respect someone who has enough patience to decorate those, especially when all that prettiness can get ingested in just a few bites. Ah, the fleeting art of game cakes…

Tags: game cakes

2 Responses to “Game Cakes Keep On Pullin’ Me Back”

  1. darkpen Says:

    Whoever worked on those cupcakes must really enjoy it.

  2. Bonnie Ruberg Says:

    Seriously. That takes meticulous, OCD, cake-y dedication.

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