November 13th, 2007

I killed Bambi. Yes, the Bambi. I did it like 20 times. And I liked it.

We’ve talked before about the role sadism plays in our enjoyment of cute games. Apparently, there’s only about thirty seconds of gameplay time between, “Oh, what an adorable puppy,” and “I wonder what would happen if I chucked this frisbee at his head.” Or, if Nintendogs is too queer an example, think about Katamari. Sure, all those brightly-colored people wandering around are cute–but they’re a heck of a lot cuter when they’re rolled up in your giant ball, screaming for help.

Well, the same “It’s cute, therefore I want to see it suffer” rule seems to go for Orisinal games. Apparently I’m the last person on the face of the cool, indie games planet who didn’t know about these simple, pretty flash games. Many of them use adorable animal avatars. It’s your goal to help these animals reach general goals of safety and happiness. Of course, if you lose, these adorable animals fall to their deaths.

Okay, they don’t really fall to their deaths. At least, there’s no adorable animal blood that I’ve seen. Still, as a player, I actually get more reward out of watching my bunny plummet from the sky or giggling as yet another Bambi-like deer misses a platform and prances into oblivion than from succeeding at the game. The deterrent has actually become the, I don’t know, encouragement. The thing is, you have to do well in order to prolong that eventual reward. Twisted, right?

So, is it just me? Am I the only sick bastard who sees something sadistic in all this cuteness?

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10 Responses to “Killing Adorable Animals: More Fun Than Intended”

  1. John H. Says:

    I’ve noticed that, every once in a while, something grim sneaks into a Mario game. New Super Mario Bros., for example, has Bowser falling into a lava pit at the end of the first world… but then, unlike in the original game, we see him get skeletonized by that same lava! Something similar happens when Mario dies from electricity in Galaxy, in fact. Rather unsettling.

  2. AHR Says:

    Part of what pings the human cute sensor is helplessness – small bunny? Cute. Small bunny with sad eyes? REALLY cute. Small bunny with sad eyes and it’s paw in a cast? OMG SO CUTE. Part of the appeal of cute things is their fragility, and I think it’s hard for anyone to look at something fragile and not instinctively want to know what it would be like to break it.

    I’m guilty of a fair amount of Dogz abuse, but I had to stop playing Katamari cause I felt sorry for the kitties. Their constant mewling started to feel like the silence of the freakin’ lambs.

  3. darkpen Says:

    In a lot of ways, I think the appeal of guro hentai may be very much relatable to this subject, but to a greater extreme, especially when the subject of the guro pieces are little girls.

    I think a lot of it has to do with, as AHR said, breaking fragile objects. Children are known to be mischivous and break things on purpose, or even so far as to abuse or kill small animals. The only reason not all of us continue on this rampage of torture and death is because of pain and compassion, though that could be turned and twisted as well.

    In a video game environment, we may find ourselves being more prone to this sort of behavior, not due to some sort of sadistic trait, but rather as a branch that leads to the simple instinct of exploration and pushing the limits and boundaries that one is put in.

    I believe sandbox games like GTA tend to draw this out in people more than not, as well.

    But to go back to the topic of sadism upon cute things, I have to say that the moment I read the title of this post, I thought “oh, Viva Pinata,” because, you know, that is one messed up game (incest, cannibalism, mass genocide, etc).

    As John H. said, though, expose yourself to enough of it, or rather, once you get off your high and look back at it, its incredibly unsettling. Once you’re off you’re high, you look at what you just did, and you realize just how wrong and ashamed you are as a person, even if its fake.

  4. darkpen Says:

    Thinking back on what I wrote, I think my first paragraph may have more to do with just people who feel oppressed by the opposite sex (in the case for women, being little boys) than anything else, but still, it does reflect a part of the human psyche that is innately sadistic.

    To simply say that we’re like this because we’re removed from the pain of others is not enough. There’s something that keeps (some of) us going, continuing to inflict, despite knowing very well what that pain entails.

    I wonder what causes this in people. Is it something that’s hard-wired, or something that grows from something else? Do we acquire this sort of behavior from others, or is it simply a social complex?

  5. Jenna Says:

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