November 12th, 2007

It should come as no surprise to Heroine Sheik readers that I’m a giant sexy lit dork. After all, you’re dealing with a girl who wrote an entire thesis on perversion in Surrealist literature–and who nearly up and moved to Lacoste, the ancestral home of the Marquis de Sade, the week before last. To be honest though, even I’m surprised just how ridiculously excited I am about what I bought in Paris this past weekend.

After an afternoon spent wandering book shops and buying nothing (usually I’m a total sucker for spending way too much money on books), I found myself poking through the rare book vendors along the Seine. What should appear there but a first edition, yellow and black, totally unassuming copy of Story of O.

If you’ve never read Story of O, don’t believe all the stupid “Happiness through Slavery” hype. Yes, O–the lovely young protagonist–gets taken to a chateau and used for pleasure. Yes, she gets beaten. Yes, she enjoys it. But before we get our second-wave feminism knickers all in a twist, let me say there’s a whole lot more to the story (as if being a masochist needed justification). As a sub and a woman, it’s probably the most empowering thing I’ve ever read.

Anyways, after getting my new treasure home, I carefully freed it from its plastic wrap and discovered that is indeed a numbered first edition. It even has a–presumably hand-printed–plate of a Hans Bellmer lithograph. The dork in me could just die. I don’t even know who to call. Thank you, zombie Jesus.

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5 Responses to “Sweet Zombie Jesus, First Edition ‘Story of O’”

  1. Corvus Says:

    That is awesome. I love amazing book finds like that.

  2. Maharet Says:

    i haven’t found a book that makes me feel that way in a long long time.
    sad…so very sad. :)

  3. shi Says:

    that is, indeed, a rare find! if i may be so bold, to enquire the amount you parted with to procure it?

  4. Bonnie Ruberg Says:

    A whopping 8 euros!

  5. YangYin Says:

    That is a rare find of great book. How’s your French? :)

    If it’s indeed a first edition then there were only 600 printed. It’s probably worth $500-1,000 or more depending if it’s an early number. 1-20 or 21-100.

    I read that book as a teenager in 1967 and it changed my life and a few that I lent it to. What’s as interesting as the book itself, is the story of the book and it’s author. I just learned there was a film made about her called The Writer of O. There was also a great piece about the book in The New Yorker in the early 90’s (93?) when the Pauline Reage revealed her true identity as Anne Desclos and why she she wrote it.

    Enjoy you find!

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