October 19th, 2007

Life here in France is lovely. Really. But the one thing I honestly regret about being an expat this year is missing American fall. The leaves. The cold, crisp air. The apple cider. Fall is by far my favorite time of year. And by far my favorite day in the year is Halloween.

Seriously, I must be wired wrong, because just thinking about Halloween makes something inside my chest start glowing. Going to the supermarket and seeing a big display of pumpkins outside… I barely know what to do with myself. And then you’ve got all those orange and black decorations. It’s really too much. By which I mean, it’s amazing.

Unfortunately, here in France, those things don’t really exist. Fall barely happens. I’m on the Mediterranean, which is gorgeous, but except for a slight variation in temperature, the weather here stays pretty much the same all year. Halloween has been shipped over from the States in the form of some candy and a couple costumes, but kids don’t really trick-or-treat. Worst of all, there aren’t even any pumpkins.

Luckily, I’ve got an onslaught of video-game related jack-o-lanterns to help me get over my Halloween withdrawal. This week Kotaku is full of them. My favorite is the Pikachu pumpkin. He’s almost the right color and everything.

Anyone have exciting Halloween plans? Chris Furniss of The Weekly Geek was just telling me his plans to go as the weighted companion cube from Portal. But if there’s a box on your head, Chris, how will you eat all the candy? You heard me: all of the candy!

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