August 23rd, 2007

What movie gives you mullets, poop-spattered children, and competitive gaming glory? It’s King of Kong, the documentary about two classic gamers going head to head for the Donkey Kong world record. Its run at the IFC in New York unfortunately ended this Tuesday, but it’s still floating around independent film land, spreading it’s game-related goodness. Of course, it’s not a portrait of anything like the “average gamer,” but it’s full of so many game-dork stereotypes–including it’s complete lack of female players under age 70–that gamers can’t help but share a few inside giggles. And not that there’s a dull moment, but if you ever are bored, there’s always the shine off Billy Mitchell’s perfectly blow dried, perfectly sleazy hair to stare at–or the horrible bulge of his wife’s hypnotizingly fake breasts. Ah, the sweet taste of competition.

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3 Responses to “See ‘King of Kong’ for the Glory, the Cleavage”

  1. Phalligator Says:

    OMG, Billy Billy Billy. I love the part where he asks the interviewer guy to guess what his three letter acronym is and the guy guessed “tie”. Wrong. “It’s USA.” Uh, yeah, perfect.

    I totally cried when Weibe did. What a movie.

    Do you think the ref has regrets about accepting that sketchy taped score?

  2. darkpen Says:

    Seriously good movie, makes you wanna hate Billy Mitchell.

  3. Bonnie Ruberg Says:

    I’m glad the ref turned out to be a decent guy in the end. And Weibe just made me want to cry the whole way through. Those big blue eyes… :(.

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