August 22nd, 2007

When it comes to Soul Calibur, apparently your fighting power is equal to the size of your sexy bits. Kotaku brings us these new shots ofSoul Calibur IV, which reveal the perhaps unsurprising fact that next gen technology really means a whole new generation of enormous breasts. Seriously, how can Sophitia fight with those things? They’re literally bigger than her head. Cassandra at least gets a smaller (it’s all relative) perkier pair.

As for Voldo… Have I mentioned lately how much I love Voldo? Any fighter decked out as a creepie, ass-kicking sub has my vote for Awesomest Video Game Character of All Time. Seriously. I play as Voldo all the time; I destroy everything in my path. Anyways, Voldo seems to have retained his beloved creepiness–as well as his gag–and acquired some spikes. Needless to say, I’m way excited for Soul Calibur IV. Come to me quickly, my cod-piece wearing friend…

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16 Responses to “Soul Calibur Gets Well(er) Endowed”

  1. Anne Packrat Says:

    You know that top doesn’t look like it gives much support. She is going to hurt like hell after after every fight.

  2. Bonnie Ruberg Says:

    Seriously. I’m curious what the physics will look like on this one, because those things would be flapping in the wind. I mean, I’d be so busy worrying I’d pop out, there’d be a sword through my tummy in no time.

  3. Cybersexy Says:

    That doesn’t even begin to consider the back problems she’s got to have. ;)

  4. Cray Says:

    Ugh. I have to admit, I’m one of the few who can’t stand the new designs in Soul Calibur IV. 2 and 3 were both awesome, but 4 just overdoes it. Have you guys seen Taki?

    She doesn’t even look asian any more! More like an oriental goth.

  5. Bonnie Ruberg Says:

    She doesn’t even look asian any more! More like an oriental goth.
    Oh weird, you’re right.

    I mean, I have mixed feelings about the changes. On the one hand, the last thing we need is more overly sexualized characters in a fighting game. But on the other hand, there’s something wonderful about the fact that both women and men are sexualized in Soul Calibur. There’s also something wonderful about blowing the sexualization to such an extreme that it becomes like a commentary on all the over-sexualization in the genre. Who knows if it’s intended that way. But looking at those enormous breasts, I wonder if anyone can design those without a little self-conscious giggle…

  6. Cray Says:

    Oh, I’ll bet the 3D artists down at Namco are having a ball. Hunting down “reference” for those bodies must have been a blast.

  7. nectarine Says:

    What about Talim?
    Isn’t she supposed to be 15? I guess she could have aged a bit, but she still looks like a hormone injected bioshock Little Sister.

  8. nectarine Says:

    oh wait, that’s tira… and she’s 18.

  9. John H. Says:

    Dear god, just when I thought Taki couldn’t be any worse. I -guess- it’s good that she’s no longer identifiable as the character with the humongous breasts covered by a skin-tight sheath, but the heavy mascara + skimpy Santa Claus harem pants look just doesn’t work very well for her, or indeed anyone.

    Also, honestly,Voldo always creeped us (me and friends) the hell out back in the Dreamcast era.

    Sexualization of the Soul Calibur characters isn’t anything new, of course: the Dreamcast version had a code that let players change the color of Sophitia’s panties. It’s just gotten a lot more ridiculous over time.

  10. Bonnie Ruberg Says:

    Hmm, I seem to have confused my highly sexualized female fighters whose names start with T’s. If that’s “Tira,” then where are we seeing pictures of Taki? Here?

    Also, I love this Dodo bird.

  11. darkpen Says:

    First, I think those boobs look fluffy.

    Second, Bonnie, I think you should take a look at this:

  12. Bonnie Ruberg Says:

    Ah yes, the dancing Voldos. I have seen their wonderfulness many times. I just want to meet the fans who sat down and synchronized that whole routine…

  13. Shizuko Says:

    Soul Calibur is a joke (in my humle opinion). Not only does it give Taki lemon-melon tits in every edition, they gradually make her look less japanese as well. Basically all of her costumes in SC are crap (esp. the mask that exposed her mouth).
    I don’t know how many of you guys have played Soul Blade/Edge before, but it was the original instalment of the Soul series and whoever developed that game seriously had the right idea. It had an Edge Master Mode which created a unique storyline for every character and an extra soundtrack mode which let you run through three original albums. I’ll admit Takis’ boobs were big here too, but at least they were shaped better and she looked more Japanese, had a better wardrobe, and had a more mature/womanly face. In fact, every single other character looks better in Soul Blade looked better as well. If you don’t agree, then ask yourself why SC feels the need to capitalise on the fact they steal characters from more famous places (eg. Star Wars) as opposed to properly promoting their own. The SC character design team sucks, sorry to say.

    I’d really appreciate it if someone could tell me how Soul Calibur managed to not crash and burn along with the Dreamcast like it should have, while Soul Blade sank into obscurity. If Sony had chosen to run with SB and keep the associated production crew, I firmly believe we would have a weapons-based fighting game far superior than anything the world has seen to date.

    Hope I haven’t offended anyone. I really WOULD LIKE TO LIKE SC, but SB really is the better quality game. And don’t try to say ‘SB in-game graphics are crap’ because the game was still good for its time (considering how ancient it is) and if its graphics were brought up to modern standards, SC wouldn’t stand a chance against it. I think the reason SC outlived SB was because it had a more ambitious advertising campain in the early stages, but otherwise I’m baffled as to why things turned out how they did.

    I’m open to further discussions, so feel free to agree or disagree with the above statements.

  14. Shizuko Says:

    Oh and realistically, boobs like these would soon get to the stage where they hit the floor considering the amount of physical activity and lack of support these girls get. The whole sexualisation thing has gone beyond a joke – SC is a thing of mockery in the eyes of an increasing population. I think some kind of authority should force the SC developers to pull their heads in and decent their characters up.

  15. LinearDescent Says:

    I don’t think I care about the character animation and appeal as I do the attention to detail to everything in general. You need to realize this is a capitol investment on a team to revitalize an age old game. Better graphics… are a must. I don’t agree that making every character bustier is a must, but the main aim for these guys is to make each version more appealing to the past players as well as entice newbs. If the gameplay is off the hook, it is going to sell.

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