August 20th, 2007

Fetishes! We’ve got fetishes!

For those who haven’t yet been inexplicably drawn to the Voice site by the invisible promise of well-stockinged legs, last Friday’s Click Me was about using cybersex as a way to explore fetishes you wouldn’t/couldn’t in real life. As an example, you can read all about one Click Me reader’s (hot) cybersexploits. I won’t give too much away, but it does involve the line, “Stroke your cock with those pink panties.” Yeah, it’s fun.

If you haven’t read Click Me in a while, last week’s was a guide to meeting talented cybersex partners, and the week’s before was dedicated to getting started with Webcam sex. As Fleshbot points out, up till now most of the pieces have been very “Cybersex 101”–but will Click Me be able to entertain both newbs and seasoned veterans? It’s a darn good question, and one I’m going to try to keep in mind over the next few weeks with some colorful new Click Me’s. In the meantime, I’m all ears for exciting stories…

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24 Responses to “‘Work Those Pink Panties’ and Other Cybersex Tales”

  1. Cybersexy Says:

    Omigod! Leg Lover sounds EXACTLY like Clyde, the guy I cybered in SL yesterday!

    We were doing a kidnap rp scenario (which was outstanding btw), and Clyde asked me to wear stockings. Since he wasn’t the first guy to ask me that, I was cool with it. But afterwards, he asked me to get the full pantyhose. I did. ;)

    As for me, I’m more than happy to explore a partner’s fetishes with them. I’ve found it gets them more into the cybersex, and improves the experience for me too.

    Regarding story ideas for Click Me, how about violence in cybersex? There is plenty of it out there.

  2. Bonnie Ruberg Says:

    Violence in cybersex is something I’m really interested in (as a BDSM person IRL), but since the Voice is a pretty mainstream publication, there’s always this concern that a column like that might scare readers away. Were you thinking of anything in particular? Role-playing certain scenes, etc.? Maybe it could be framed as another sort of “healthy outlet” piece, but for violence. Then again, that would imply that (safe, sane, consensual) violence IRL isn’t healthy. Hmm… Sorry, just thinking out loud :).

  3. Cybersexy Says:

    Don’t take this the wrong way, but I recently quit the online d/s scene. I am more into humiliation, and d/s lacks the emotional intensity for me. I don’t enjoy domming, and subbing gets boring after awhile. I take silly orders from people at work, I don’t need it in SL. ;)

    As for the story idea, I was thinking more along the lines of violence within cybersex roleplay. IRL, if someone wanted to hurt me during sex, I would NOT be interested. And I couldn’t hurt someone else IRL because I’d feel guilty (even if they wanted it). But in cybersex, I don’t have any issues with S&M. In fact, it seems to spice things up.

  4. Cray Says:

    Hmmm…I’d be lying if I said I enjoyed violence in sex, even online. Being rough is one thing, but being violent somehow doesn’t fly well with me.

    Then again, for someone who spends 80% of their cybersex sessions on foreplay, I guess there isn’t much opportunity to be either violent/rough. I’m curious about everyone else’s preferences here, though. The people in the comments section seem interesting. Perhaps this is the first step in establishing a small community or circle of sorts.

    Or a cult. Big fan of the witchcraft/sex thing here. And no, I don’t mean putting on my wizard hat and robe. What are you all into?

  5. Cybersexy Says:

    Cray, you have me incredibly curious. Witchcraft/sex? Do tell. :)

  6. Bonnie Ruberg Says:

    Seriously, Cray, to tell…

    And 80% of your time on foreplay? Umm, what are you doing later tonight ;)?

    As for me, like I said, I’m a BDSMer in real life. In virtual life, well, I’m mostly turned on by anything… good. It almost doesn’t matter the content as long as the conversation is well-written, detailed, enjoyable as an act in and of itself.

  7. Cybersexy Says:

    Amen to that last sentiment Bonnie! :)

  8. Leg Lover Says:

    Just to set the record straight, Cybersexy, while I am glad you had a great time, I am not Clyde in SL, which sounds like my loss. I am however, more than willing to have a chance to chat with you sometime. You do sound like great fun. ;)

  9. Bonnie Ruberg Says:

    Hi, Leg Lover! I’m glad to get the chance to thank you publicly for talking with me and inspiring such a fun column. I’m sure we’ll talk more in the future :).

  10. Leg Lover Says:

    Anytime, Bonnie – it was my pleasure! I am glad it was such a fun column for you. ;) I do hope we get a chance to talk more in the future, I would like that. And let Cybersexy know I am fun as well. lol

  11. Cray Says:

    Kind of hard to “explain” the witchcraft sex fetish…I think it’s partially a product of my crazy imagination and partly due to my liking for hentai (which tends to be fairly “imaginative”).

    And yea, strangely enough, I do spend most of my time on foreplay…it just seems to work better for me, both while cybering and while having sex in real life. Penetration isn’t the most exciting thing in my book.

    P.S: Are you hinting at something, Bonnie? ;p

    P.S.S: This is in the wrong comments section, but someone needs to quit messing around with this FPS porn bullshit and do turn-based porn. Bring on the gambits! (Sorry, I’m feeling terribly nerdy tonight)

  12. Cybersexy Says:

    Leg Lover, if you’re ever in Second Life, look me up. My name there is Diannah DeCuir. I’m always on the lookout for new lovers. ;)

    Cray, I responded to you in the other thread. I am curious if you play Second Life, because there are a lot of hentai-style objects/places in there.

  13. Leg Lover Says:

    Oh damn, Cybersexy – as of yet the one thing I am not in is Second Life. I chat with just about everything; is that they only way you chat? After reading your first post on this entry, I am a bit curious now, but I would be very clumsy in there at first if I went in.

    After reading your first post, I am curious to chat with a woman willing to wear pantyhose and explore some fun rp. Just thinking about it… ;)

    I would love to see if we could hook up, I am always looking for new lovers as well.

  14. Cybersexy Says:

    While I do have MSN and Yahoo chat, I don’t really spend much time there. :(

    If you’d like, I’d be happy to help you get started in SL? It’s a free download, and free to play, and I could help you find a lot of free and inexpensive stuff to equip your avatar. I’ll even treat you to the inexpensive stuff. ;)

    Unfortunately, I won’t be on SL much this week. I should be there on Saturday, so just let me know when you want to meet and I’ll make sure I’m there. The only thing I’d ask of you is to go ahead and download SL, and go through the tutorial before we meet (take your time with it too).

    If you have any problems with it, you can email me at

  15. Cray Says:

    Sadly enough, I don’t hang out on Second Life AT ALL. In fact, that’s the one thing I avoid like the black plague due to fear of addiction.

    I am on MSN pretty frequently, but you said you don’t use that much. Any other ideas? Gmail perhaps?

  16. Cybersexy Says:

    Cray, try hooking up with me on MSN. I do spend some time there when I can. ;)

  17. Cybersexy Says:

    I should mention I’ll be on most of the day today. ;)

  18. Bonnie Ruberg Says:

    You have no idea how happy it makes me that I’ve created a hook-up den :). May you all have excellent cybersex (and then come report back to me with fun stories)!

  19. Leg Lover Says:

    Cybersexy, I will make a deal with you. I appreciate your offer for assistance and will take you up on that. With such an offer, how can I say no? I will do some “homework” and we can meet up there saturday sometime. You can’t believe how excited I am thinking about that.

    If I do that, I would like to meet up with you on MSN sometime and maybe chat a little bit in “my world” as well.


  20. Cybersexy Says:

    LL, you got it! :)

    Bonnie, you’re always welcome to join us. Feel free to IM me too if you ever just want to chat. ;)

  21. Cray Says:

    I don’t know your MSN IDs…any ideas?

  22. Cybersexy Says:

    One more time: (this is my MSN id too)

  23. Cray Says:

    Awww crap, I totally missed that the first time you posted it. Sorry.

  24. Cray Says:


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