August 7th, 2007

After being hit with a series of homophobic attacks–including a number of “hate speech incidents”–the queer-friendly site was shut down temporarily this week. Luckily GayGamer is now back up and running. Apparently they’ve already received lots of friendly emails and blog posts from people who support what they stand for. Heroine Sheik too would like to join in the resounding, “You rock!”

While it’s great that things are back to normal, the attacks against GayGamer should be a reminder that the gaming world we live in (as well as the world at large) can often unfortunately be a close-minded, even destructive place. Let’s hope we’re all working toward wider acceptance here, of people and their ideas.

Tags: homophobia, queerness

One Response to “Homophobia Attacks, GayGamer Rebounds”

  1. nectarine Says:

    I second that! You rock GayGamer!

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