August 6th, 2007

Cybersex is all well and good, but real life dating is hard enough. Before you cyber with someone, how are you even supposed to meet them? Click Me this past Friday was about just that: how to snag a (good) cybersex partner.–a fellow website dedicated to two things Heroine Sheik readers can’t help but love: sex and culture–put up a super useful response to Click Me from two weeks ago, the intro to webcam sex. Their three main pointers are 1) an external webcam is a whole lot easier to use for cam sex than an iSight 2) independent cam sites are just as hot (and a whole lot more awesome) than big commercial ones 3) webcam sex is often best with a pre-existing partner.

Thanks a lot for the pointers, Boinkology! I know I for one am excited to learn more about independent cam sites. Heroine Sheik readers might even keep an eye out for a Click Me on the subject sometime soon…

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  1. Jade Reporting » August 11 Says:

    […] Raising Cybersex from the Gutter Webcam Tips from […]

  2. Live webcamsex Says:

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  3. peace Says:

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