July 27th, 2007

Anyone who’s seen the new Resident Evil 5 trailer will know what I’m talking about when I say with a form of amazement that can only effectively be expressed through 1337: OMG, WTF? Instead of battling zombies in an abandoned house or even in Spain, players will be now be blowing the heads off of the living dead in an African village. That’s right, we’re talking about black zombies. What’s more, you play a commando character who is white whity-ity white. Jesus, I couldn’t even make this stuff up. Even if we don’t play the racism card, there’s a whole mess of issues here: monsters and otherness, the paranormal as a manifestation of our anxiety about real-life conflicts like race. The few people who have dared to say something about this so far have already been virtually stoned. Still, you can expect to see something on the topic up on the Village Voice site from me very shortly.

Update: Here’s the piece that I wrote for the Voice‘s Runnin’ Scared blog. Hopefully it explores the issue a little more fully than I have here. Probably the biggest thing that came to mind while I was putting it together is the connection between Resident Evil 5 and the HIV/AIDS crisis in Africa. Bingo. I mean, we’re not just talking about a general fear of racial contamination here, we’re talking serious contemporary issues. Now the question is, how much of this did Capcom actually think about before pitching the game?

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  1. MateaQ Says:

    Huzzah, Bon! I was just going to quote your site in a response to a posting I made (http://www.gamearena.com.au/news/read.php/4381001) about the RE5 trailer re: sexuality and RE4, and found – as always – you had your finger on the pulse when it comes to all things gaming and cultural – and not just front bottoms and doodles, either!

  2. MateaQ Says:

    Thouht I might add one last comment: beyond the hyper-real nature of the environment, I suspect that if the Africans moved more like the lubering RE zombies of old, rather than say like an angry, disenfranchised mob, we may have reacted differently.

    Oh, and say if Chris wasn’t Chris, but rather a member of the local STARS organsation – and black.

    It’s South Africa during Apartheid (rascist!). It’s Somalia during the US invasion (imperialist?!). It’s (closer to home) Australia at time of white ‘colonisation’.

  3. Jeremy Says:

    I’ll play devil’s advocate: Depending on how much credit you want to give the game designers, you could see this as Capcom trying to break away from the Romero-zombie and going back to something akin to voodoo. Or how about a lightly fictionalized take on the Sudan, which this almost certainly looks to be? There is a whole lot that could be going on here that we can’t glean from just a trailer.

    The RE designers have always been cannier than people give them credit for, which is probably because of their brain-dead writing. Maybe their writing ambitions have finally caught up with their design ones for RE5. I mean, consider that zombie films have always been slates onto which we project allegory, and give Capcom the benefit of the doubt for now–they could be trying to do what zombie films have been doing since the 60s. Capcom’s last zombie outing, “Dead Rising”, had some inklings towards this, even if it ended up feeling more like an adaptation of Zack Snyder’s “Dawn of the Dead” rather than Romero’s, with some Third World blather to boot. Lets wait until we find out more–or better yet, until we get to play it–before we make any rush to judgement.

  4. DNi Says:

    Jeremy: part of the problem isn’t just that the zombies are all black, but also that the main guy, the guy who’s killing all these black zombies, the guy that you play, is white. Okay, not even just white: he’s really white. He’s “All-American Captain of the Football Team White”.

    In other words, there might be a little less controversey if the main character were also Black, or at least some other ethnicity not-quite-so steeped in acts of oppression and atrocity as the we Whites are.

  5. darkpen Says:

    I think this whole racism issue is being overblown. While certainly people will be seeing this and going “woah, wtf,” I don’t think that anyone like the NAACP, politicians, or our favorite lawyer will be going after this. I mean, come on, we’ve been blowing the heads off of white zombies since the first, what’s so bad about changing races here?

    However, if I were Capcom and was worried about this issue, I’d probably have there be some local black hero/heroine join Chris. Who knows.

    But I admit, I have a creeping feeling that white young males that play this game when it comes out, particularly those that venture the likes of 4chan or live in the south, will be saying “die nigger” as they blow off the zombies heads. Who knows, really.

    What’ll be even worse is when there’s a really heart-touching drama of strife or something going on, and people either choose to ignore it or find it stupid.

    As someone said, its like Hotel Rwanda meets RE, but just how much of it will be Hotel Rwanda and how much of it will be RE? Will killing these (black) zombies be justified and explained, so that there isn’t some sort of twisted bias or flaw that spin doctors can play with?

  6. MateaQ Says:

    Darkpen wrote:

    “But I admit, I have a creeping feeling that white young males that play this game when it comes out, particularly those that venture the likes of 4chan or live in the south, will be saying “die nigger” as they blow off the zombies heads. Who knows, really.”

    Absolutely! Go to the forum below (on Australia’s premier ISP website) to witness the complete lack of cultural sensitivity (and downright racism):


    Look, I’ve sympathy for those who worry about “Affirmative Action gone wild”, and you have to admit that the setting is well realised and makes a refreshing change. However, quite simply, the developers haven’t thought this one through at all.

    I wonder how many black gamers will be playing the handsome (beautiful?) and white Chris Redfield (?), gunning down hordes of (angry?) black zombies, and not feeling some kind of discomfort.

    Actually, though I stated it earlier, I’m not so sure a black protagonist is the solution – though it may have kept the rumblings down. I think the trailer and it’s all too familiar images (and I’m not talking RE) is touching something quite deep in many who view it.

  7. Jeremy Says:

    DNI: I’m aware that this is a major cause, if not *the* cause, of the controversy, but even the fact that Chris is white is somewhat immaterial to my assertion that we should just hold tight and wait before rushing to judgment.

    Yes, RE5 could be as simple and distasteful as the trailers suggest, but just because it has a (white) main character does not mean that there isn’t anything else going on there. It’s not outside the realm of possibility that Capcom will use the white protagonist/black antagonists dynamic as a touchstone or commentary for whatever they want the game to be actually about. Just because Capcom has this dynamic central to RE5 doesn’t mean their condoning it, and for all you know RE5 may be condemning it.

    But we just don’t know enough about the game yet to make that conclusion.

    Now, if you want to argue about the trailer discretely, then you’d right. But I find the trailer less interesting than the possibilities of what RE5 may be that are suggested by it.

  8. BrainFromArous Says:

    “But I admit, I have a creeping feeling that white young males that play this game when it comes out, particularly those that venture the likes of 4chan or live in the south, will be saying “die nigger” as they blow off the zombies heads. Who knows, really.”

    You think that sort of nonsense is concentrated in the South these days? I live in New York and believe me, there’s no lack of it around here – more among other “minorities” than among White kids.

  9. Bonnie Ruberg Says:

    In other words, there might be a little less controversey if the main character were also Black
    I don’t know that that would 100% fix things (there would still be a lot of social issues to consider), but at least it would give us less of a black vs. white dynamic. Then we’d just have a Western world vs. Africa dynamic. The short answer: it’s complicated.

    I think the trailer and it’s all too familiar images (and I’m not talking RE) is touching something quite deep in many who view it.
    I totally agree. I know that, at least as a white American viewer–as much as I hate to admit it–the trailer seemed oddly familiar to me. I think that’s one of our main clues that we’re dealing with larger social anxieties here.

    Just an aside: I want to thank all you posters for keeping this conversation constructive. Obviously race is a volatile issue, but I’m really glad we can talk about it in a meaningful way.

  10. BrainFromArous Says:

    Stop oppressing us, Bonnie.

  11. darkpen Says:

    BrainFromArous: I agree, its not just the south, which is why I mentioned 4chan. Actually, sometimes I’m rather shocked by the language of some of my white friends and their loose usage of the word “nigger” or “dirty mexicans.” While I don’t find them personally offensive, as I am neither, it makes me wonder who they hang out with for them to develop that vernacular, not to mention juvenile mischief and delinquency.

    Maybe I’m just overly tame :|

  12. ddb4 Says:

    I’ve already posted similar comments on the VV piece, but I’m going to post here as well since I don’t trust their set-up. What’s shocking me a little bit about the RE5 discussion is that it seems like no one is bringing up the fact that this is a Japanese developed game. It seems like in an ethnically homogenous nation like Japan (a nation with almost no black population, and not many Caucasians), ideas of race would be vastly different than one would find in America or almost any Western industrialized nation. The Japanese often toy with African-American culture in video games and anime the same way they do with other elements of American culture. But their naivete about the sensitivity of racial issues often leads to portrayals which can be egregiously stereotyped. But considering that stereotypes are all they have to work off of, can you blame them? In a similar manner, I believe that they probably didn’t truly comprehend how RE5 would look to an American audience.

  13. Cadallin Says:

    I really want to add on to what ddb4 is saying. In my (admittedly limited) experience, members of east Asian cultures tend to be extremely racist, but not really aware of it, or willing to admit it.
    “I’m not racist, I’m Chinese!” (as though in their mind, the two were mutually exclusive!) is something I’ve actually heard used by someone, after they made an extremely offensive comment about people of African origin.

    Taking this into consideration, I think its possible that the dev team may have blundered into this without any real consideration at all.

    I may be crucified for saying so, but I think that, uncomfortable as it may be, being confronted with these demons so directly could be beneficial. The trouble is, I don’t know that it can (or will) be done in such a manner as to make it possible. A switch up, where the “other” in the game are initially presented as completely and utterly alien, followed by the reality of their humanity being brutally thrust upon the player would be a powerful experience. In a sense an inversion of H. P. Lovecraft’s technique, by forcing the player to acknowledge the other as a reflection of the self.

  14. Bonnie Ruberg Says:

    no one is bringing up the fact that this is a Japanese developed game.
    ddb4, that’s a great point, and one I honestly hadn’t thought about. It seems odd, even if you chalk it up to Japanese blunder, that the game would still be so resonant for an American audience. I wonder, if we look at this through an Asian lens, how we can read the race issues we already identified in the trailer…

  15. Joe Nobody Says:

    I blogged about your article.


  16. Bonnie Ruberg Says:

    Hey, Joe. I see we disagree about a lot of stuff. Anything in particular you’d like to ask about/discuss?

  17. BlueSteel Says:

    I’m a Black African. I came to the UK when I was a young which meant I was able to assimilate in the UK but old enough to keep my culture. I have to say. You people make me sick. I have been playing Resident Evil for many years with my best friend (who happens to be white). In EVERY single game it was A white hero killing off White zombies (they were clearly and visibly white). Never has anyone made a fuss about it. Why? Because the game fit the storyline. It was set in USA. 74.7% of the American population is white. Now you have a game set in Africa. What would you expect? White People? The only place in Africa where people are in a significant majority is North Africa. This game is clearly not set in there.

    Now has I black guy. When I see this game. I see the Hero Chris fighting to get rid of Zombie like creatures. It is people like you sir that cause racism. You look for it where it doesn’t exist. I’ve grown up with not seeing peoples colour but you clearly haven’t. Which is why When I look at African-Americans. I can obviously see the faults. They play the race card way to often and easily believe in “the bad white guy”. Their biggest leaders are race baiter like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. They have ignored the principals of Martin Luther King.

    Why do they do these? Because they are allowed to do so. It is people like you who feed them and give them ammo. If you didn’t stopped looking at everything in Black vs White we wouldn’t have this problem. This game is not racist. You are racist.

    Look at what you wrote.
    “players will be now be blowing the heads off of the living dead in an African village. That’s right, we’re talking about black zombies. What’s more, you play a commando character who is white whity-ity white. Jesus, I couldn’t even make this stuff up”

    You clearly have no problem with Spanish people being killed it. Yet when it comes to Black people you treat them differently? Are we babies to you? Do we need to be protected from non existent racism?

    What needs to happen is that you stop your race baiting. You creating a fake controversy. This will only cause resentment from white people who feel they are being treated inferiorly. Just look at this has a game set in Africa in which the main hero is an American SWAT member. Anything else that you pick up including the HIV virus things is just a figment of your imagination.

  18. Bonnie Ruberg Says:

    BlueSteel, while I’m always happy to hear contrary opinions, it seems to me you’re the one who’s blowing things out of proportion with your anger. IMHO, there’s no situation in which it’s inappropriate to think about the overtones/implications of a piece of art–whether that means considering race, gender, whatever. That’s the angle from which I’ve been approaching RE5: a culturally analytical one. If it’s not an angle that interests you, feel free to enjoy RE5 and best wishes.

  19. BlueSteel Says:

    Me over blowing things out of proportion? Says the person who has just accused an unreleased game racist. Oh yeah and you also made a reference to HIV when the T/G Virus had nothing to do with HIV.

    You need to take a few steps backwards are and ask your self. What is racism? Is a white guy shooting black people racist? If you say yes then it truly proves that you are the one paying to close an attention to peoples colour. The world isn’t black and white. Japanese programmers creating a game in which American exSwat fight Zombies around the world is not a racist.

    I will buy RE5 and so will many other people. The good thing is that the development process has reached the path of no return. So if people like you do manage to create a silly controversy. Capcom would still release it anyway.

  20. Chris Says:

    I’m quite disappointed that you didn’t take into effect that this game is Japanese-developed, and that the Japanese don’t have such a problem with race relations as much as Americans do, and the Japanese tend to stick with the American television stereotypes (after all, the first RE city, Raccoon City, is supposed to be the good ol’ American midwest city gone wrong) which is another topic in itself.

    But I do agree with you on “IMHO, there’s no situation in which it’s inappropriate to think about the overtones/implications of a piece of art–whether that means considering race, gender, whatever.” and I think it’s wonderful that you view games as a work of art rather than just an entertainment device.

    And I think it’s perfectly valid that you made a culturally analysis of the game – after all, a big theme of the game is what disturbs many people – what happens when a company becomes so powerful and rich that it abuses it’s power and creates a situation the government can’t pull us out of, and if a game voices such a political overtone then I agree that it should be open for other discussion as well.

    But back to the argument pertaining to RE5 -

    have you ever played any of the Resident Evil games? The games are quite frank about the fact that everyone who is affected by the virus are equally being victimized by the Umbrella corporation and it’s executives.

    in RE4 there wasn’t such a publicized outcry of the “white man shootin’ up hispanics” and in that game – the hispanics weren’t even zombies, but under some weird mind control parasite, and in the game they acted normal with each other – which brings up the question whether or not RE5 “zombies” are zombies or under the control of the parasites. And to note the antagonists of RE4 lived in a village, and seemed uninfected by the virus/parasite but acted zombie like anyway.

    I just wish you decided to write an article about race relations when the game came out so you’ll have access to

  21. Chris Says:

    ack, sorry, I hit submit -

    to continue –

    the full information of the story, because to approach the game with such negativity about it’s approach without the full story is kind of what mostly bothers me about this article – it’s just not very well informed gaming wise.

    And thank you for not responding to such angry comments by acting angry yourself – seeing that you keep a respectful tone I wish others would do the same so the argument could be a well-informed analysis of the game itself, rather than another case of lame internet drama between two strangers.

  22. darkpen Says:

    I have to agree with Bluesteel on everything he’s said (go read my first post up above). And I have to disagree with the whole issue of questioning the fact that Japanese developers are making this game. I’m certain they are aware of people bringing up this “racism” issue, and I’m even more certain that they are aware of what they’re doing.

    While most of Japan may be entrenched in stereotyping, as past games have shown (i.e. Barret from FF7), I believe that the gaming industry has become universal, and game publishers and developers are catering to the western market not only because that’s where the money is, but to branch out into elements that few Japanese developers ever touch.

    If you play Metal Gear Solid, you wouldn’t know that it was made by a Japanese developer unless you looked at the credits. If you played Resident Evil 4, you wouldn’t know it was made by a Japanese developer unless you looked at the credits.

    People like Keiji Inafune (Resident Evil 5) and Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear Solid 4) are striving to make games for a more “universal” market, whether its by actually traveling to the locals of where their games take place, to experience first-hand what the people are like there, and to take pictures of textures for in-game use, or by taking what they see and make their games feel more whole and realistic in a human way.

    The issue of racism and stereotypes only apply to where it belongs: comedy and the misinformed.

    What Bluesteel says is the absolute truth on the issue of racism, and bringing it up in games like this; it goes against everything that Martin Luther King Jr. hoped for and dreamed, but like he said, its everyone’s fault that this is the case. The racism card is abused beyond recognition by the black community in America, more than any other part of the world, and its media sources like BET that support this mentality.

    Also, I believe that the HIV/AIDs crisis in Africa has nothing to do with the T-Virus. If anything, I fully believe that Resident Evil 5, for those who are culturally inept, is going to be a story of origin, the source of “zombies” as a concept in human culture, where its history is the strongest.

    On a final note, I firmly believe that anyone that attacks RE5 in the media or by any government/independent body will be ridiculed by intellectuals for their hypocrisy and the contradictions that lay afoot. Like I said, I doubt that the NAACP will be going after this. To the uninformed, this game appears (and as of the moment, to everyone outside of Capcom) as a white man shooting down (black) zombies (of men and women), and that alone is enough to stir controversy, but on an uninformed scale. This is EXACTLY the same kind of controversy that surrounds games like Manhunt, or even Grand Theft Auto. We’re burning digital books and witches and freed slaves all over again. Do you really want that?

  23. darkpen Says:

    I cannot stress enough the issue of people questioning the fact that this is a Japanese-made game. Isn’t bringing that up racist alone? To accuse the Japanese developers that this is racist, or to even express the opinion that they are being insensitive about the whole black/white issue of the American audience?

    The only thing that anyone should be worrying about is the bigger picture: what our youth see and believe. You ask a police officer who they would stop to ask what they were up at at 4 in the morning, walking down the street: the white man or the black man? I think you know the answer, especially if you’re in middle America or in an urban city.

    The racist mentality is still ingrained in people’s minds in much of America, and only more so now than twenty years ago.

    Whatever happened to what was changed through the civil rights movements? Have people forgotten? Have the youth forgotten? The pride in being black has been misplaced by black people, and respect for your neighbor has been forgotten by the whites. As for the asians, they believe that they don’t belong anywhere in the equation, while they continue to be racist. And during the whole time, the mexicans are treated the worst by our “economic pyramid.”

    People are not truly free in America, not when there is fear that is brought onto ourselves by our brothers and sisters. We seek material comforts, while ostracizing and physically/mentally abuse those who do wrong to the mob. We are not civil by any means, not as a whole at least. We are not united as a nation, and we are a long ways away from being at peace.

    “Nigger” was gone fourty years ago, it returned into normal use but considered dirty word twenty years ago, and has fully returned as a casual term and its original use as of ten years ago.

    Everyone is uneducated, and so will future generations.

  24. darkpen Says:

    Oh, here’s an excellent post I just found regarding the RE5 game:

    “Capcom most likely chose Africa because of the revelations that pharmaceutical companies were testing unsanctioned, experimental, and possibly dangerous drugs under the guise of “anti-biotics” in various parts of Africa, and they were just trying to add some realism to the game.

    A poor village in Africa fits perfectly into the plot-lines of Resident Evil with the Umbrella Corporation being the heartless pharmaceutical companies. So I don’t think they were trying to be racist.

    However by putting this into a video game, this true story about pharmaceuticals experimenting on people will likely be fictionalized in the minds of people who don’t know any better, and I’m sure that some racist assholes are going to be yelling ” take that n-word ” just like they do on live, but that’s not Capcom’s fault..

    I’m black myself and so far I haven’t seen anything racist, and I hope I don’t, so let’s not jump to conclusions.”

    Here’s a link to another (I think the third) giant thread about the “racism” issue regarding this game on the 1up.com message boards.


  25. This is particularly stupid Says:

    Constant Gardener.

    There is no hidden agenda here. Conspiracy between the white man and Japanese business corporations – Need to put the black man down. Yes! Make it a bigger issue! The stupidity of it all has to make one wonder. RE4 featured the the slaughter of man spanish zombies. I never heard you speaking about that when the game came out. The fact that people can’t use a little common sense with a corporation, a large Japanese corporation that isn’t involved in the tensions that still sparks between the American whites and American blacks to this day.

    This is a non-issue. The fact that its being discussed to this very point is almost disturbing that we can’t think of everyone as individuals, but as colors. Must we separate everyone by lands, color, and sterotypes? I know thats too idealist for most people to think about. But we could definitely take a step in the right direction by NOT playing the race card (or the possibly therein) when there are no logical threads that makes such connections.

    When the game is released in Japan, do you think they’ll think “Oh look Tanaka-san, this white man is putting the black man down and keeping him there” rather, they’ll just think its another zombie killing game from RE5.

    Fools, the lot of you.

  26. darkpen Says:

    This is particularly stupid:

    Thank You.

  27. ugh Says:

    Bonnie, the flames here and on the Voice blog were way out of line. But still:

    “That’s the angle from which I’ve been approaching RE5: a culturally analytical one. ”

    You can’t claim to write an analytical essay when you’re just going off the trailer. You’re attacking a text you haven’t read.

    And it’s a fair guess that much of the hate is coming at you because they believe you’re not writing as a gamer, but like a journo who’s looking for controversial messages in a popular game, on the basis of two minutes of footage.

  28. Jeff10010 Says:

    okay first of all. i think u are full of crap “bonnie”. where were you when Grand Theft auto came out and it was a “BLACK” “Protaginist” killing white men. huh? oh thats right you were not there. and in resident evil 4 a “White” man killing Spanish. and ALSO for the past like 10 years from every resident evil game that came out from resident evil 0 to code veronica: X they were always white zombies but as soon as “asian’s” put a black zombie in the game. ohh that is racis and if u look close enough there is a White man in the trailer and no im not talking about CHRIS REDFIELD im talking someone whoes a zombie. so get ur fat head out of the sky and start to focus on other things that are going on in the world. OK….

  29. YayBonnieRuberg Says:

    I didnt kno this article was also up on her cybersex whatever blog.
    I also didnt kno this ‘Bonnie’ was white. I read the article over on running scared, linked from digg i believe. anyway i already posted my comment im about to repost on another story on this site because i didnt see this one…

    “Are you serious Bonnie?

    My frying pans are black. now the white people use these black pans to cook whatever they want, one could even say they are the tools of the white folk, just like black people were when we were slaves to them!!

    yes of course, but if we are talking like we are fucking stupid then i think we should include it.

    it makes sense my pans are black, as almost all pans are. just like it makes sense that in an AFRICAN VILLAGE there are indeed AFRICANS!!

    why dont we stop looking into things and trying to make something were there is nothing?

    either that or eliminate all creative freedom, i guess that would be nice too. i mean so what the writers wanted a FICTIONAL (key-word) game that is also immersive and realistic set in africa with africans; i see no reason why its not set on… the moon… and the zombies arent africans they are… moon-martians desending from an ancient race of tree-elves… and another thing, why bring back a white character just because he has been involved in the storyline before and is a staple of the series? i say lets make him a blue fucking robot.

    thatd be just as realistic and immersive as africans in africa huh?”

    and i forgot about the aids thing, but cmon… are you shitting me?
    you are really going to draw a connection to a zombie game thats been running for MANY years.. made in JAPAN… that is obviously known for its political and social symbolism (see:SARCASM) to something as serious as AIDS? i can only hope that someone you care about contracts HIV, maybe then you can spend less thinking up these preposterous ideas and more time actually doing something about the disease. bitch.

  30. YayBonnieRuberg Says:

    her top two articles with comments after this are:

    Ask me about cybersex. *sudders*

    was this article an attempt by what im guessing is a very lonely, very middle-aged (perhaps closer to the back end than middle) woman to actually get some traffic perhaps? i like to hope so.
    atleast then she is smart, as it is working. but part of me still thinks this is her honest stance on the topic…

    Im letting VillageVoice know I do not appreciate this I suggest everyone with a conscience do the same. Maybe we can spread the word to let them know we DEMAND an apology.

  31. Bonnie Ruberg Says:

    You can’t claim to write an analytical essay when you’re just going off the trailer. You’re attacking a text you haven’t read.
    A valid point. All I can say to that is, the trailer is all we have to work off of now. It’s just as possible to do an analysis of that as of the full game (in the same way you could analyze an excerpt from a book). You just have to recognize, as you point out, that that’s not the full thing.

    To the “out of line” posters: your comments have been left here to archive the intensity of the gamer response to these issues. Also, there’s something vaguely hilarious about being questioned as to 1) being white and 2) my age (middle-aged? unless I’m only going to live until 44… :). If you all are sincerely angry about this piece, I suggest you stop talking about it. I promise that will make the issue go away faster.

  32. Jeff10010 Says:

    Bonnie. i have a question. why do u care only about black ppl being killed. u had no problem with killing hispanics in resident evil 4. WHY. i think u need to start caring about things that actually matter okay. and stop talking about racis games!!!! because therejust games.!!! so quit bitching about aww poor blacks in resident evil 5 and start talking about if blacks are being abused and have racisim in real life. because to be frank. ur crap. start to focus on real life stories and stop living in ur damn fantasy world of racis viedo games!!! gosh.

  33. darkpen Says:

    I said it once, and I’ll say it again: this is overblown. I’m rather tired myself from message boards, and I don’t care enough to check out the more recent posts outside of Bonnie’s.

    In the end, everyone’s obligated to their own opinion, but what people question are what caused the formation of that opinion or perspective on an issue, why its an issue, and how its an issue. In the end, everyone’s caught in a whirlwind of confusion, whether by expressing their thoughts or being influenced by others.

    Happy blogs, happy blogs, that’s all the internet has left for itself anyways, with all the Anonymous around.

  34. Kit Says:

    1. The trailer is an incomplete part of the story. Odds are, the protagonist will end up helping at least a few of the locals and his efforts may (in the story) help save humanity as a whole.

    2. No, these zombies (for lack of a better term) don’t act like normal zombies. However, in Resident Evil 4, the Ganados didn’t always lumber about and in some cases, were fairly nimble. Either way, a possessed human is a possessed human.

    3. I think connecting HIV/AIDs to whatever the bug is in this game is a loose connection at best. I would say that it’s more a product of happenstance than anything else, if anything deliberate.

    4. Let’s not let racial tension limit our speech, art, expression and entertainment- especially when it’s not even intentionally racist.

    5. I’ve played quite a few horror games- they’ve taken place in Europe, the US and Asia. Only Africa, the Middle East and the two Poles are lacking in a plethora of horror games. Excuse Capcom for not wanting to run the game in a familiar locale. I guess they wanted to be different.

    6. This also doesn’t feel like a cultural piece. It feels like sensationalism- the lack of research gives it away.

    Bonnie, maybe your intentions were in the right place, but the execution feels wrong. It’s odd to say, since looking at your other articles (Dracula Wear Eyeliner), they’re well put together.

  35. YayBonnieRuberg!! Says:

    that is bonnie.. the very WHITE girl that thinks these things…
    i’m glad that you know whats better for us.

    i’m sure you have all the experience and knowledge of growing up/ being black..

  36. Tom Stachowitz Says:

    Bonnie, I’m using my full name in the hope that you won’t dismiss this post. If you’ve chosen to stop reading, however, that’s completely understandable given the reaction of my “fellow” gamers.

    This is an important issue and I’m not going to hide behind anonymity and make grandiose and completely circumstantial claims.

    First, please don’t arrogantly pretend to “archive the intensity of the gamer response to these issues.” The internet is a vile, dirty place and whenever any “inflammatory” topic is raised the most vocal and frequent respondents will always be the most vitriolic. The vast majority of gamers are reasonable people but their voices are always drowned out by those who are angrier and who have more free time. From my end, this is the first time I’ve made any real attempt to comment on the issue because of the overwhelming response.

    Your response – and I mean this in the best possible way – is textbook. Yes, it is important to look at how the black man – traditionally the sexualized, animalistic “other” since well before “Othello” – is portrayed in modern media, especially in America where the wounds are still so freshly healed.

    I say “freshly healed” because our generation is the first to come of age in an America where racism is as innocuous as it’s going to get. I don’t say this as a slam on American culture, but as a comment from someone who’s lived around the world and who has seen, firsthand, other cultures and their own racism. Racism is not a boil on the pristine skin of humanity that is waiting for the first enlightened generation to lance it – rather it is that shameful, uncomfortable piece of ourselves we endeavor to hide in polite society.

    As an aside, what color was the “pristine skin” in your mind?

    I’m not going to make any assumptions about your answer to that question, but there was an answer.

    The generations of institutionalized racism against black Americans was a horrible thing and there is no question that it is to be condemned unilaterally, as are presentations of black Americans that harken back to those times. However, presentations of black Americans as the “other” need to be examined and understood in their own context. That it can be offensive is not up for debate, however I take umbrage with the notion that any such representations are first offensive and must then justify themselves.

    The question that’s running through the heads of many gamers, myself included, is whether the reaction would be different if the work in question was a movie rather then a game. Gamers are on the back foot already, often forced to defend our medium against naysayers who believe it to be the purview of children and the childish. No attempt has been made to consider why the game might be set in Africa and what a zombie work tries to say – the immediate reaction was revulsion and offense. In a climate where gaming is being attacked from all sides, including within, by people who do not believe it to be a valid form of expression any attempt to further stifle its development – by, for example, suggesting that a game cannot be set in Africa because having a white protagonist fighting black antagonists in a game is ipso facto “wrong” – is considered another in a long and often baseless line of affronts.

    A lot of people have accused you of racism and that’s simply not true – but you are guilty of something. That’s not a bad thing, of course, as we’re all guilty of all sorts of things on all sorts of levels.

    You consider the effect that the representation of Africans will have on black Americans without even considering that there is a much larger world of black people who are not American. Africans and black Americans are very different, in much the same way that white Americans and Europeans are completely different beasts. Were the game set in Baltimore or, close to home for me, Southeast DC, then I would give much more credence to your concerns as they relate to black Americans. My question to you is whether you gave any consideration to the choice of setting other then “OMG, WTF? … we’re talking about black zombies.”

    People of all colors can be hideously ugly in how they treat the “other,” as I’m sure you’re aware. Not only are their actions ugly in and of themselves but the people become ugly through their actions. When someone is doing something hideous they become hideous, I don’t care what color they are. In Europe barely a decade ago white people were massacring other white people in a hideous display of the worst side of human nature. The same thing has happened all too often in Africa with black people massacring other black people.

    When you see a hideous, angry mob of people with hate in their hearts they look like zombies. The scariest part is that they can be completely normal hours or even moments before they become “infected” – not with HIV or “blackness” as you suggest, but with the real fear that zombies represent, the fear of losing yourself in the mob and conforming with the mass of humanity as it engages in its worst natures. All sense of individuality is lost and the mob becomes a force of nature with its members acting as its limbs.

    Had you ever considered that the decision to set the game in Africa and the choice to juxtapose an angry mob of Africans (which actually exists) with mindless zombies was intentional? When you consider Dawn of the Dead do you consider it a gore-fest or a thoughtful examination of American consumerism in the 80′s and how it destroyed the traditional individual spirit so celebrated by our collective mythos?

    I’m suggesting that you consider a zombie game that is set in Africa not as an excuse to shoot a representation of our subconscious fear of the black American “other” but as a comment on the problems actually occurring in Africa due to a mob mentality that not only leads directly to abhorant violence but also results in millions of children born with HIV. Be completely honest with yourself and tell me that the actions that have been taken by countless Africans regarding HIV are not due to a zombie-like mindless adherence to false and baseless superstition.

    The goal isn’t to assign blame – anyone with a shred of historical knowledge understands that the situation in Africa is the direct result of European imperialism and was exacerbated by cold war politics and modern commercialism – but to raise awareness of a horrible situation through a different venue. Isn’t that more likely then a racist attack on black America by Japanese game developers?

  37. Bonnie Ruberg Says:

    Tom, thanks very much for your respectful tone and approach.

    The internet is a vile, dirty place and whenever any “inflammatory” topic is raised the most vocal and frequent respondents will always be the most vitriolic. The vast majority of gamers are reasonable people but their voices are always drowned out by those who are angrier and who have more free time.
    That’s a very good point. If I say I’m leaving these comments to archive gamer response I suppose 1) I mean the most radical gamer response 2) I’m trying to find *some* constructive use for all this silliness. Thanks for pointing out that important distinction though.

    The question that’s running through the heads of many gamers, myself included, is whether the reaction would be different if the work in question was a movie rather then a game. Gamers are on the back foot already, often forced to defend our medium against naysayers who believe it to be the purview of children and the childish.
    For me at least, yes, my response would very much be the same. I totally understand that video games are often forced to defend themselves against labels like violent and sexist; I believe I even say in the article that my goal is *not* to slap video games with one more negative label. One thing I really should have made more clear in the piece itself (I’m used to writing for gaming venues, not mainstream venues, where this would be less of an issue) is that I myself am 100% a gamer. That’s what I do, that’s what I write about, and that’s what I’m forced to defend like everyone else. This isn’t an outsider trying to blow “racism” out of proportion, this is a RE fan trying to analyze what I’m seeing in a game I love.

    the real fear that zombies represent, the fear of losing yourself in the mob and conforming with the mass of humanity as it engages in its worst natures…. I’m suggesting that you consider a zombie game that is set in Africa not as an excuse to shoot a representation of our subconscious fear of the black American “other” but as a comment on the problems actually occurring in Africa due to a mob mentality that not only leads directly to abhorant violence but also results in millions of children born with HIV. Be completely honest with yourself and tell me that the actions that have been taken by countless Africans regarding HIV are not due to a zombie-like mindless adherence to false and baseless superstition.

    First of, thank you for what is far and behind the most intelligent response/next step in this debate I’ve seen. Let me start by saying I definitely don’t have all the answers, and my piece just represents my own take. With that said, you raise some excellent points. I certainly would look at Shawn of the Dead as a look at consumerism, etc., but I hadn’t even thought of the connection between the mob mentality and the spread of disease–or, to be honest, the mob mentality at all. I think you’re right that that’s crucial to our understanding of zombie anxiety.

  38. Bonnie Ruberg Says:

    As of this morning, I will no longer be responding to comments in this forum, due to the inappropriate, un-constructive, and overly dramatic nature of many of the responses above. While I hope you’ll continue discussing amongst yourselves, please know that in the future all comments that do not take a respectful tone will be deleted. Tom, or anyone else approaching this issue rationally, is welcome to email me.

    Thank you.

  39. Tom Stachowitz Says:

    Bonnie, I’ll email you as well as post here.

    I understand your desire to distance yourself from the comments in this forum and I have no problem talking about this with you in private, however I do feel that it should be aired in a public forum of some sort. I’ll be posting over on my blog about it and I invite you over there to comment.

  40. GodMagnus Says:

    My god, you people are disgusting.
    1. Its a game.
    2. Its about Zombies.
    3. Its in Haiti, a location with hystorical significance to the story/background of zombies.
    4. The main character is one from the series. He’s not a new guy made for this. He’s one with background in the games story line.
    5. If anyone has a SLIGHT, TINY reason to gripe, its Hatians. Not African-Americans, not Africans, and not stuck up white girls who feel the need to play mother over an entire race.
    6. Have you ever seen footage of those areas that are affected with high disease rates? They do look creepy and spooky.

  41. brad Says:

    so i guess in all the other resident evil games killing white people was no big deal or wasent considered racist? and the spanish in resident evil 4?? now all of a sudden when it turns to black people a hand full of idiots pulls out the “OMG thats racist”. I think that half the people that will play this game wouldnt have even thought about it being “racial” untill something like this came up.

    and another thing there is NO LINK between Resident Evil 5 and the HIV/AIDS crisis in Africa that statment is totaly bullshit. so boonie get a life and dont criticize a video game of all things that you clearly know nothing about to be racist…

    i know for sure ill play the game when it comes out and i have a alot of friends that are black that will do the same…

  42. Courtney Says:

    And then there will be people like myself, who don’t really pay much attention to any racial underlays or whatever other crap people try to spout, and then go watch the trailer like 8 times in a row and weep tears of joy, just because HELLO! THERE’S A NEW RESIDENT EVIL GAME!!!! Fans rejoice! Because honestly, die hard fans like myself aren’t really going to care about racial message or whatever. We just want the game!

  43. Surf's Up Says:

    (I’m sure someone has put this more eloquently than I have, but I don’t like what I’m seeing in the comments section. This sort of thing is not O.K., and a lot of people seem to be ignoring the facts and historical evidence that explains *why* it’s not O.K.)

    I think what makes the “what if it were a black person killing white people?” or “but the Spanish Europeans didn’t have a problem with RE4″ argument faulty is that first of all, black people do not have the history towards white people that white people have towards black people, and second of all, Spanish Europeans do not have the history that black people have. Plus they’re white, if I’m not mistaken, so the former reasoning can also apply to them. Whites weren’t enslaved by blacks. They [blacks] were raped, murdered, so on and so forth at the hands of whites. We all know the story; it’s not a little-known fact. Don’t play dumb and act as though this white vs. black thing is some new dynamic that you’ve never encountered before, because we all know it’s not, and you look like a horse’s ass when you do. ‘kay? Now that THAT’s out of the way…

    Those things in the trailer? Are not zombies. They don’t *look* like previous RE zombies, because they’re not zombies. They look like angry human beings — like most of the Ganados — because they’re not zombies. They’re not like RE 1 or RE 2 zombies, because they’re not zombies. The Ganados were “infected people”. They’re not referred to as zombies in the game because they’re not zombies. The villains of RE 5 are not zombies. They might be infected with some sort of virus like the Ganados of RE 4, but they’re not zombies. Please, read that paragraph again five times.

    It’s racist, folks, no matter how you try to twist it, pretend that it’s not, or whatever. White people, you don’t get to decide what is or is not racist to non-white people. You saying this game is not racist to a black woman who says it is, is just like you saying the word ‘nigger’ is not racist to that same black woman, who says it is. The same goes to those so-called “black” people who don’t think the trailer has racist undertones.

  44. Adam Says:

    Would it be racist if you were a black character in a European village-turned-zombie? I think the most relevant part of this game is twofold:

    1- Zombie is actually original in Vodoun culture
    2- Racism is as powerful as wanted.

    It’s a given that there’s some slant – I’m not insisting otherwise at all. We could just as easily claim racism in every single fantasy game with more than humans, or even Battlefield 2. The most obnoxious thing about this is the idea that you can own a word, completely independent of its tone and intent. That’s not how linguistics works, and that’s not even how socio-linguistics works.

    MORE relevant is the AIDS / HIV crisis, and what it is to a plot versus what it could have been WITHOUT the racial lines. That’s the “lazy” part to me. Everyone’s racist in a way- we remember people as “the black guy in this” or “that really hot asian girl in that”. The relevance of color isn’t as bad as this apparent incentive to publish it.

    To clip the post, I’ll just say it’s obnoxious to think of this as some horrible new thing. I’ve known guys that didn’t like GTA: SA because the character was black. Hell, how many Horde guilds were ready to swear they wouldn’t take Belves in their groups? Racism, segregation- none of it’s a big deal but the raunchy part of it is that if done backwards, I don’t think we’d see much of an uproar. (Well, that and I still think they ought to have toned it into something more blended- if there’s one white guy, there could be two. We cluster up when we find new things to conquer. PS: sorry Algonquins. :( )

    Now if this game was literally based around some slavery environment, I’d say fine. Even worse than making racial lines is denying that they were there to begin with. The most powerful games are the ones that DO use ‘racist’ concepts (big dumb Russian that works in a factory), but that don’t use them to any special message or slant.

  45. Slavik81 Says:

    For a second, I thought this was a joke. My heart sank as I realized this guy was serious.

    “Instead of battling zombies in an abandoned house or even in Spain, players will be now be blowing the heads off of the living dead in an African village.”

    What does that even mean? It’s ok for Chris (the protagonist) to kill zombies anywhere but in Africa? Why? Because there’s black people in Africa? That seems kind of… racist. It’s ok if he shots American zombies or Spanish zombies, but African zombies are off limits?

    The fact is that this shouldn’t even be a discussion, but people are quick to assume malicious intent, even when an objection person would know that no such purpose exists in the game.

  46. BrainFromArous Says:

    “As of this morning, I will no longer be responding to comments in this forum, due to the inappropriate, un-constructive, and overly dramatic nature of many of the responses above. While I hope you’ll continue discussing amongst yourselves, please know that in the future all comments that do not take a respectful tone will be deleted. Tom, or anyone else approaching this issue rationally, is welcome to email me.

    Thank you.”

    I TOLD you she was oppressing us.

  47. Dangerdoll Says:

    listen now about this very topic!

  48. Scott Says:

    It’s a game. It’s pixels. Get over yourselves. Go play Resident Evil or something.

  49. another literate af.american Says:

    …questions for Bonnie Ruberg…do u own any RE games?…do you play RE games?…or is this a ploy to gain attention…running for president?…u won’t get my vote…RE 5 isn’t racism, nor are any of the others…racism exist, just not in this game…let it go…find another platform

  50. another literate af.american Says:

    by the way…kym platt….what a JOKE

  51. Michelle Says:

    c`mon i`m from spain and i don`t fell anything bad about the resi 4…. you killed white people on resi 0 to code veronica, didn`t you? did someone reply? i guess…no

    On the 4, the spaniards said somethin`? no.. ok…..Now because there is black people on the resi 5 it will be an offence to them?? i think that`t stupid!!! it will be a great game like the others and that`s all!

    don`t try to be a “good person” just play the game!!!

  52. SeanTheBest949 Says:

    Now, where do i begin, firstly how can you have the nerve to say that RE5 is racist after for the last 10 years we have been killing white zombies. I did not here anyone complaining then. What about in RE Outbreak when you are the black man, you are killing white zombies then and i did not hear no white ppl comlianing that that was racist. GROW UP!!!!!!

  53. Spectre Says:

    Oh dear, i was bloody surprised, when i’ve got this point of view…
    You american mates, misunderstood this game idea, and racial issues are totally overrated in your country….
    Who cares the colour of our virtual enemies??? They are just charachters, no connection with the real world….
    Besides, 99% of virtual bad guys in console and PC games are actually europeans – so, is that a kinda anti-white propaganda?? Nope.
    That’s just a game.
    Try to look at this problem from the other side – author says, that we could get wrong representation of Africa… Why wrong?? The only african country, which is nearly civilised is South African Republic, made by whites…
    Have you ever been in Uganda? Heard about Amin Idi??
    He was much more dangerous, then any type of zombie…
    Have you ever been in Zimbabwe? They still does cannibalism, is it ok for you?
    So, if the white guy shoots back black zombies – it is ok.
    It is right.
    No matter who zombies are – africans, asians, europeans, marsians – they must die.
    And talking about real Africa (at least 80% of continent) – you can easily find living zombies there, they got Kalashnikov, yeah, but they are still bloody zombies.
    And they are black.
    Mind it.

  54. shino Says:

    enybody that says resident evil 5 is racis needs to shut the f4ck up. resident evil 4 was in russia but when a game is in africa people flip out.!!! CHILL OUT!!!!

  55. Official Shrub.com Blog » Blog Archive » Racial issues in Resident Evil 5: Link Roundup Says:

    [...] On Race in Resident Evil 5 at Heroine Sheik: Instead of battling zombies in an abandoned house or even in Spain, players will be now be blowing the heads off of the living dead in an African village. That’s right, we’re talking about black zombies. What’s more, you play a commando character who is white whity-ity white. Jesus, I couldn’t even make this stuff up. Even if we don’t play the racism card, there’s a whole mess of issues here: monsters and otherness, the paranormal as a manifestation of our anxiety about real-life conflicts like race. [...]

  56. Tech Trends - March 12th - The Rogue King Says:

    [...] Resident Evil 5 trailer released in 2007 recieved a lot of negative publicity [ see here and here ], especially from the Black Community. More recently, however, with the release date of [...]

  57. smokestalz Says:

    this should be the last statement about this retarted issue.

    1. RE1- all white zombie cast-main villain-white
    2. RE2- again, all white zombie cast- main villain-white
    3. RE3- more diversified zombie cast-didnt finish
    4. RE4- what appears to be a mix of arab and white zombie cast
    5. and the last game was set in the sahara….what the fuck kind of people/deadheads do you expect to find in africa….the zombie population seems to be split 60/40 black/arab…and still the three top villains in the game are all white….

    -i could see some concern if you had to hillbillies in flannel cut-off shirts trompin threw the desert shootin black zombies with no other races involved with buildings in the sets such as church’s chicken and the beauty salon…..that would be racist….but as this game sits, i played it from begining to end, and never thought once, that i was merely shooting black people. shit, even the supporting cast for the good guys were black… i think as soon as people saw the trailer of black zombies getting shot, all they saw was blacks getting shot by the white man…play the game and then tell me that its racist…no body bitched about the first 3 RE games being anti-white, and no-one should have…

  58. smokestalz Says:

    and if they did decide to replace chris with a local soldier, i think it would of been a cop out to get rid of bad press.im glad that capcom decided to keep there ethics and create the game how it was drawn up….

    and one more thing: if its not ok to shoot up a cast of mostly black enemies then its not ok to shoot mexicans, whites, arabs, chinese…..etc…..

    its a game get over it…

  59. smokestalz Says:

    spectre- one person on the same wavelength….

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