July 25th, 2007

Talk about a confusing headline. Still, this Human Brain Cloud game developed by 2D Boy is kind of awesome. Basically, the site spits out words, and you just type in whatever words come to mind in response. The game then takes everyone’s responses and makes an association web.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the game’s maker has noted that the singularly most popular response word is “sex.” Also not surprising is the fact that women kick ass at this game. Of course, that’s a subjective claim, to say the least, but apparently players with feminine-sounding screen names (let’s think about the many ways that’s different female players) took the lead in both quantity and quality of responses. Women are good with words? What a shock! Yes, we know we’re awesome…

Tags: gender, language, sex, web-based games, Women rock!

2 Responses to “Sex, Women Rule Human Brain Cloud”

  1. Nommo Says:

    Interesting, considering the sexual orientation of the author.

  2. Bonnie Ruberg Says:

    This author? Or 2 D boy? I’m so confused. Surely I’ve missed something :).

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