July 23rd, 2007

Last month Playboy sent out a press release announcing the opening of a Playboy Island in Second Life. The island, shaped birthday-cake-style like the traditional bunny head, will not only house a Playboy-themed retail store and “will also offer Second Life residents the chance to connect with the brand through a variety of events and social opportunities,” says the release. It is the “first men’s lifestyle brand to have a presence in Second Life.” Hooray?

Ironically, a trip to the Playboy Island–which the “brand” is promoting as a 24/7 party–reveals a sterile and totally abandoned little island. Check out the pictures of poor Cheeree wandering the faux-romantic beaches all by her lonesome. Of course, the retail presence is here big time. Playboy t-shirts? Playboy necklaces? Who exactly do they think their customer base is again? Maybe it won’t take long before Playboy too jumps down off the band wagon.

The thing that’s really sad about Playboy Island is that it’s a total missed opportunity. What better place to staff a few beautiful bunnies as greeters? Or to set up sexy spots for lovers to slip off to? Instead, we’ve got an island tumble weeds are just dying to blow across, and a few horrible little love nests where pose balls allow you to do such erotic things as play the harp, sun bathe, or hit a giant gong. Yes, a gong.

Update: Ren over at Terra Nova is also covering the lameness of Playboy Island. Check it out.

Tags: bad sex, MMOs

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