June 20th, 2007

Now that I have Guitar Hero, I can appreciate the fun of rocking out. But I’ve got to say, for a while there while my fiance was ranting and raving about how awesome it was (I eventually bought it for him/us as a graduation present), I was definitely feeling a gender divide in Guitar Hero fandom. He was daydreaming about rocking, and I was busy… not caring.

More specifically, he was interested in feeling cool. Let me rephrase that. It’s not that he actually thought the game would make him a rock god, but it made him feel that way–like he could put on a show. For me, the eventual appeal was more about personal satisfaction when I hit a note right (or, at this point, don’t just suck).

Granted, I have yet to discuss the matter with other Guitar Hero playing couples, but I do wonder if the divide between exhibitionist fun and personal fun isn’t indeed about gender. Girls and boys, any thoughts? Why do you love Guitar Hero? And if you too start to feel cool, remember: even Radiohead admits, “Anyone can play guitar.”

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6 Responses to “Guitar Hero By Gender Lines?”

  1. Leigh Says:

    I think it’s more about rock and less about gender. Sure, rock is traditionally testosterone-dominated, but so’s gaming. Personally, I’m a huge fan of rockin’ guitar music and playing Guitar Hero would definitely make me feel hardcore and cool. I guess for illustration you could compare male rockstars to female rockstars– there are often some differences in approach, but there are more similarities. Maybe you are less into guitar licks than SJS?

  2. Ben Says:

    I think it really depends on two things. First would be your opinion and enjoyment of rock music. The second would be the type of gamer that you are. My good friend and former roommate Nick is a hardcore gamer…he’s not one for social interaction and spends every free dollar on video games. He didn’t care so much about the music as he did beating the first GH on every difficult level. His satisfaction, while somewhat tied to the music, was based more on the completion factor. I really didn’t care as much if I finished the game. I was a big fan of the song list from GH and as a result loved playing my favorite songs. It was partially about putting on my own performance to what I thought were great songs. I never beat Cowboys from Hell on the most difficult level, but that never bothered me, not in the least. I just went back and played” Take it Off” for the 56th time.

    GH 2 only accentuated this. I wasn’t as happy with the song list, and haven’t really played the game that much, even though I dropped the big bucks for the guitar and game (GH 1 was Nick’s). For me, there’s only two or three songs that I love playing on GH 2, as opposed to the 10+ I enjoyed on #1. That’s why I’m psyched for the new game, which already has a number of songs I can’t wait to play.

  3. Ben Says:

    As a side note, my girlfriend has played GH once or twice, and doesn’t really care what song she’s playing, as long as she can hit some notes. And then we normally go back to playing Mario Kart.

  4. Bonnie Ruberg Says:

    For me, there’s only two or three songs that I love playing on GH 2, as opposed to the 10+ I enjoyed on #1.
    Yeah, I do get the feeling I missed out on some excitement there. I like GH2, but I can’t say there’s any one song that I just love. Alas.

  5. Jade Reporting » June 20 Says:

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