June 19th, 2007

Thanks so much to everyone who was kind enough to pat my virtual back after my fourteen minutes of fame (read “minor TV appearance”) last week. If you just can’t get enough of the event, I think the full segment can be found here on YouTube. To be honest, I just don’t know; I still can’t bring myself to watch.

Another fun point of semi-interest: a link to the article that “started it all”–that is that inspired the Morning Show people to put together the segment. It’s called, “Does Virtual Reality Need a Sheriff,” and it ran in the Washington Post a few weeks back. The piece takes itself pretty seriously, but each time I read it I can’t help but laugh. It’s basically a laundry list of why virtual worlds can be terrifying, as if we didn’t have enough unnecessary terror in our real lives already.

My favorite (as in, least favorite) part of the piece is the line that warns, “In some locations avatars act out drug use, child abuse, rape and various forms of sadomasochism.” Okay, first of all, who is sitting around acting out drug use in Second Life? More importantly, in a list of illegal activities–real or simulated, I won’t even begin to rant–where exactly does sadomasochism fit in? “Safe, sane, consentual.” Ringing any bells? Sigh.

Tags: BDSM, mainstream media, MMOs, television

2 Responses to “Everything But the Kitchen Sink (i.e. Sadomasochism)”

  1. Johno Says:

    Bonnie- I just watched your appearance on The Morning Show! I thought you were very well composed and endearing. I like how producers deliberately keep their talent in the dark to ensure gems like “It seems like a magnet for weirdos.” I found the segment to be gossipy as hell- I think that dude would have a LOT of fun on second life. Great to see you on television, and congrats on teaming up with the Village Voice.

    “I can finally be a woman.”-mike

  2. Bonnie Ruberg Says:

    Thanks, Johno. That was my favorite quote, too :).

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