June 15th, 2007

This week we talked about SexChess, naked men on arcade machines, and getting carsick on the road of rock. Also, this week I was on television for the first time (well, not counting all those public access poetry contests from back when leggings were cool the first time around). If you haven’t already caught the segment on sex in Second Life from Monday’s Morning Show with Mike and Juliette, you can find the clip here on their site.

Being on the show was actually a lot of fun–even if I came home with about three pounds of makeup on my face. (I probably should have taken pictures, but after I scratched my nose and saw the race-car stripe of foundation down the middle of my palm, I honestly couldn’t wait to scrub the stuff off. I’m like the family cat, when you try and dress her up for Halloween and she spends the whole night pawing at her Supercat costume.)

I especially enjoyed meeting Jean-Ann Mills from The Electric Sheep Company. She really knew her stuff, and I thought she did a great job sticking up for the game–even if she blushed like crazy when pressed for more personal details from her cyber life. Come on, it’s just cybersex. We’re all doing it.

As for the show itself, I’m glad I was able to slip in at least something along the lines of, “We need to figure out what we mean by rape here.” I do wish I’d had more of a chance to argue Brent’s comment that we shouldn’t call it “rape,” since “it’s all just ones and zeros.”

On a personal note, I’m also punching myself in the kidneys (yes, that would be hard) for saying that Second Life is an outlet for potential real-life violence, like S/M. Not that I don’t think it works as a fantasy outlet. But come on, Bonnie, you should know better than to throw BDSM out there as an example of something “bad,” especially “violence.” Your beautiful new cuffs are probably crying in their box right now…

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4 Responses to “What Was Up This Week, 6/15/07”

  1. Leokhorn Says:

    Ahh, I hoped we’d get the video link at some point :). Well, I’m a bit disappointed : is this the whole thing or only part of it? Because you didn’t get to talk that much (nor did the person on your right actually ô_o)…

  2. Tim Says:


    I used to hang out on a public Neverwinter Nights persistent world, things ferment in those little communities after a while.

    It was usually good clean fun, just plain old orc bashing and spontaneous soap operas.

    Fun, but thank god now I’ve got better things to do than nwn.

    It wasn’t a ‘social’ server, so a lot of characters probably didn’t even know, but cyber sex was always going on in the local taverns.

    Even on such a small place we had to confront issues of sex and violence. There was one player who was really into cyber sex, the owners decided to ban cyber’in’ outright after one of his characters girlfriends turned out to be a 14 year old boy in real life, he was about 30.

    It didn’t make much difference. In fact the owners engaged in cyber sex themselves. I was a DM for a while, and would occasional jump into scenes of raunchiness, the standard response was to leave them to their privacy.

    I think we had a DM rape a character once, the DM ported the player to an empty room. The abused character logged off, but it’s the worst example I’ve heard of. The DM thought it was funny.

    The fact that the guy thought it was funny just misunderstood, and the obused obviously felt violated, shows just how serious cyber rape is. The patterns are the same as “real life” rape.

    The DM was banned forever by the way, I think it was the same guy as the one with the 14 year old boy. My memory is vague on this, some of it might have been rumours after he was kicked out. He should have been kicked out much earlier though, he was dick on so many levels. It doesn’t really seem like any form of justice though. Maybe he should have been reported to the police.

    Why can’t people see that it’s not necessary to make the distinction that cyber rape isn’t in the “real” world, we already call it ‘cyber’ so we know it’s in a virtual world. We know that it’s between digital characters. They really do think it isn’t rape, it fits the same story of letting off the rapist because ‘it wasn’t really rape’, which happens in courts all the time. Rape describes the action, cyber describes the context, why is that so hard to get?

    Great site by the way :)

  3. Tim Says:

    oh, just to clarify, I didn’t get sick of nwn cause of the cyberin’ I just got sick of the fermenting community.

  4. Bonnie Ruberg Says:

    I think we had a DM rape a character once, the DM ported the player to an empty room. The abused character logged off, but it’s the worst example I’ve heard of. The DM thought it was funny.

    Wow, I’ve never heard that story before. Actually, I’ve totally never thought about the possibility of a site/world administer being the one who does the raping/molesting. I wonder if that happens often…

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