June 13th, 2007

Remember how we’ve been talking about LoveChess, the game that combines sex animations with the classic strategy of war? Remember how we were bummed (okay, mostly I was bummed) to figure out that the sexual interaction had almost nothing to do with fighting, it was just a visual reward? And remember how I said someone should make a version of game where sex really represented conflict?

Welcome to SexChess, my ghetto attempt to make that very game! SexChess is like LoveChess, except without the shiny pretense (no love, thank you, just sex) or the budget. Though it will never actually hit the market in any workable form, it will feature meaningful sex fighting. At the least, it’ll get turned into a fun-loving Powerpoint presentation. More info is on the way. For now, I hope you’ll get these in-progress shots of the different winning “animations.” My favorite is the pawn with the ball gag!

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6 Responses to “SexChess: A Work in Progress”

  1. Leokhorn Says:

    There! That’s what sex chess should be like ^_^. There clearly *has* to be some sort of humiliation. I don’t forcefully like it, but it just makes sense.
    I find this more humorous than sexy given how it’s represented right now ^^. There’s humiliation but it actually ends up being comedic… ahh their faces… “oh noes, not up the behind :(“.
    With just the right amount of dark humor and sex, you could end up with a very good adult version of the old Battle Chess ^_^.

  2. Tim Says:


  3. Bonnie Ruberg Says:

    “More humorous than sexy” is definitely the goal right now. Or really, the goal is to come up with interesting/kinda thought-provoking combinations. But amusing-ness can’t hurt along the way :).

  4. Coldstone Says:

    Ok, its a little creepy though, using sex as a weapon, particularly since it seems non-consensual.

  5. Bonnie Ruberg Says:

    Indeed. The important point, I think, is that it’s more about the idea than, I don’t know, thinking sex as a weapon is a good idea in real life. A thought experiment in game form, if I can say something as stuffy as that :).

  6. expie Says:

    Cool idea. I don’t think this game encourages people to use sex aggressively anymore than they would be inclined to anyway, any more than ”Doom” encourages sane folks to solve their interpersonal relationship problems with a shotgun.
    And if it every comes to PC I might start playing chess again, if I can spare time from my pornography viewing. ;)

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