June 12th, 2007

Ed Halter–author, fellow Village Voice-ian, and ex-Bonnie professor (no, that is not very good English)–was kind enough to send me this link, which is not safe for work, unless your work is cool with sexy, game-related gay porn, in which case, sign me up for that job. I’m not sure why these men are mostly naked on arcade machines, or why they look quite so sad about it, but I do know I like both video games and pretty boys. Finally, I have more than Cloud to fulfill my very specific needs…

Tags: porn, queerness, retro

2 Responses to “Naked Men On Arcade Machines”

  1. phalligator Says:

    Ummm, yes, this is really hot. : )

  2. Jason Says:

    really nice images :)

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