June 4th, 2007

The more time I spend in Second Life these days, the most it becomes impossible to find native English speakers. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled to see an international fanbase. But it can get pretty frustrating when 80% of the people you run into can barely understand you. Okay, that’s probably not fair, they can usually understand moderately well. But, in my line of business (that is, cybersex), you need to be able to communicate artfully for things to sound sexy, not barely communicate at all. Can you tell this is my cybersexual frustration talking?

While I search the web for exact numbers on the percentage of Second Life users logging on from outside the United States, I will admit sometimes the language barrier can be entertaining. Today, for example, I was conducting an interview for an upcoming “Click Me” column with an erotic dancer who’s German in real life. When I asked him his age, he said, “32 years Jung.” Psychology dorks around the world can unite in a giggle about that one.

Tags: bad sex, cybersex, MMOs, sex workers, true stories

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