May 18th, 2007

This week we’ve been hit with a smack of post-GDC (we’re talking like two months post) catching up. Two of my interviews from the conference ran on, one with Raph Koster, and the other with Clint Hocking. In the first, Raph talks about Club Penguin, his role as a writer, and doom doom doom. In the second, Clint discusses exploration and then admits he’s a girly gamer. I love my tape recorder.

After a lapse, is also back up and running at a healthy clip (okay, maybe it’s a light jog; after all, it is a site about cake). We’ve seen Rayman cakes, Katamari cakes, Pacman cakes, even cake recipes. Not to mention PS2 cakes, Guitar Hero cakes, and an adorable rendition of Viva Pinata.

Last but not least, we have this week’s “Click Me,” which looks at what exactly constitutes cybersex. Online? Real-life? Orgasm? No orgasm? What “counts” and what doesn’t. Who knows, maybe you’ve been having cybersex without even realizing it…

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