May 17th, 2007

As one of our new regular features, Heroine Sheik is a starting up a weekly “5 Questions” segment. This isn’t your grandmother’s “5 Questions” though. [Note: the “5 Questions” segment was actually inspired by Brenda’s Sex SIG blog, which are themselves pretty un-grandmotherly.] These are the questions no one else is willing to ask, or at least no one else is weird enough to think up.

Our first interviewee is Brad Abram, the head of Virtually Jenna, a subscription-based, downloadable sex sim franchised with pornstar Jenna Jameson. We’ve talked a bit about Virtually Jenna before. Now it’s time to get some answers.

Heroine Sheik: Most video games have a conflict and/or goal. If you had to pick, what would you say the conflict/goal is in Virtually Jenna?

Brad Abram: Is my computer fast enough, and can I play the game for five minutes straight with one hand? Well, maybe 2 minutes for a lot of our more excitable subscribers… More seriously, based on customer feedback it’s a 50-50 situation. 50% of our customers want to have an experience with conflict in the gameplay, and the other half just want to go in and literally fuck around. For instance, we have some rudimentary AI that makes it more challenging to fuck Jenna but we also have Quick Fuck mode so you just jump and mess with her and any of the models.

HS: When you did the motion capture with Jenna, did you get a chance to talk with her? What she as sexy in person? Has she made any specific comments about the game?

BA: Actually we don’t use much motion capture but I have had a chance to see her on a number of occasions during the development. In fact last time I saw here I gave her a big bottle of Asom Broso tequila which is shaped like a giant dildo and I think she really was thrilled… The tequila’s not bad and it’s a great conversation and threesome starter! Jenna of course loves the game and provided all the voice-over, shots for creating the models etc. She’s a pretty busy person with a lot of demand but she has always been gracious, which is always a very sexy quality if you ask me.

HS: Let’s talk about some of the more unusual features of Virtually Jenna, like the “Pimp My Pussy” mode. What’s the appeal of personalizing body parts? Do you know just how large players can stretch Jenna’s vagina?

BA: Well, there’s a very little known fact that no two pussies are exactly the same! The FBI and Homeland Security could use ‘pussy printing’ in conjunction with retinal eye scans and finger printing to really do something about terrorism…

Actually, “Pimp My Pussy” was something we thought would be fun for our users because our dev team had a lot of fun with it in the lab. We didn’t want make it really freaky though, and we think it’s within reason. The best part IMHO is spreading the lips of the love tunnel and getting a little peek-a-boo shot… We are actually working on an upgrade to “Pimp My Pussy” and “Pimp My Prick” where you’ll be able to see super hi res detail close-ups, wetness, cum and be able to actually play with the lips and pricks in a much more granular and realistic way.

HS: On the topic of unique features in the game, what’s with some of the insertables, like the fruits and vegetables. Why do they hover around Jenna’s nipples? Then there’s the floating tongue…

BA: Inserting things seems to turn on a lot of users because it fulfills fantasies that their girlfriends/wives would never let happen… I’m sure they’re a ton of guys out there who wish they were hung like a big old banana! And who hasn’t scene some clip of a girl slowly peeling the skin back and then felating a big yellow one!

To answer your question as to why they freakily float, it’s a technical limitation related to how hard it is to do mocap or hand animation for some pretty strange stuff… Personally I think its too freaky myself and never use those floating tools… I prefer the 3Dfucking machines.

HS: One of the biggest things that bugged me when I played was the seeming homophobia of the game mechanics. Girl-on-girl action was okay, but not guy-on-guy. Even cum refuses to stick to men. What’s the deal?

BA: We are absolutely not homophobic. We even have a completely gay version of the product. We just decided not to include any guy-guy stuff so we wouldn’t cannibalize the sales of the different versions, which also include a Hentai skinning. I have requested that our dev tech team take some of the great ass-fucking and licking from the gay version and allow Jenna to really bang the shit out of Sunny and the rest of the male characters, but its just keeps slipping down our never-ending to do list…

That cum thing is a whole other science of trying to depict fluids in a computer-generated world in real-time… The gay version of the product has really sticky come though and I know for a fact you can get it all over any of the guys’ faces in that version!

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7 Responses to “5 Questions with Brad Abram”

  1. Phalligator Says:

    I tested this game out last summer and couldn’t stop laughing. Far from sexy was the poke-a-nipple-with-a-carrot feature. First of all, who just pokes a nipple? doink doink. Second..if you like to touch breasts, why do it with a vegetable?

    I think a worthy ‘goal’ for this game would be to actually please Jenna…since right now it’s all about just poking and prodding her. There could be a list of specific desires that Jenna has. Players could pick one and see how well they perform.

  2. Bonnie Ruberg Says:

    That’s actually a good idea :). Most of the orgasm games I’ve come across have been way straight-forward, and usually the girls aren’t even awake (how does that one work again?) let alone actively desiring contact…

  3. Erotic, Infected, and Strangely Familiar ( poke-the-doll title, Hustler 3D ) | GeezGamer Says:

    […] 3D is mostly for modeling, prodding, and ogling virtual babes–and looks much like Brad Abram’s Virtually Jenna, whose flying fruit dildos and dislocated licking tongues we’ve talked at Heroine Sheik about […]

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