May 14th, 2007

ARG puppet-master extraordinaire Jane McGonigal‘s newest game, World Without Oil, is now officially live. This time, says McGonigal, players get the chance to control their alternate-reality experience, all while addressing the possible future of a real-life crisis, the oil shortage (the game’s motto is “Play it — before you live it”).

Like previous ARG’s, World Without Oil has an official backstory: the oil crisis has hit, and Americans are compiling their first-hand accounts of the backlash. But unlike other ARG’s, the difference here is that players sign up as “characters” and submit their own thought-up additions to the fiction. Also unlike other ARG’s, World Without Oil seems to be giving in to the pull of “the greater good” and openly admitting its ARG-ness.

Will the project be as popular as some of McGonigal’s previous games? Will it help us think through solutions to the oil crisis? I don’t know about you, but just seeing that gasoline price on the game’s main page rise is making my car’s gas tank ache…

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3 Responses to “McGonigal’s World Without Oil”

  1. z Says:

    drive electric cars powered by nuclear fusion

  2. Bonnie Ruberg Says:

    Oh, ok, will do :).

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