May 3rd, 2007

Well, it’s the beginning of May. My theses are officially handed in (hooray!), and now I finally have time to frolic in the sunshine and figure out life. I also have time to talk about the conference I attended two months ago. That’s right, it’s GDC 2007, and it’s better late than never. Hopefully this will be the first in a short series of (much delayed) posts on the topic.

The first thing that always strikes me about games conferences (like, the three I’ve been to) is how weird it is to bridge the gap between online life and meeting in person. Walking around the Moscone Center, wearing badges with names printed in tiny little letters, I felt like everyone around me was someone I knew, I just didn’t know it. In fact, I think I did an amazing job of not meeting people. I only ran into a couple of my fellow Joystiq-ers, and somehow missed both my Gamasutra editors. The people I did find were awesome though (I’ll talk about them more later), and I’m definitely glad I went–even if I felt like I needed a giant sign that said “Hi, I’m Bonnie. Do I know you?”

What does Rayman Raving Rabbids have to do with all this? Absolutely nothing, except that I planned to write this post a month ago at Easter (you know, bunnies, Easter), and you can tell how well that went…

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