April 30th, 2007

With my senior theses (tehe, “theses”) due in three days, I officially rank among the walking dead.  That means the only things I understand right now are French Surrealism and perversion–which I probably shouldn’t even mention, given certain wacko responses to my recent column on Club Penguin.

Anyways, I do want to follow up on my “Girls in Like with Girls?” post.  Dan reminded me that you can search i’m in like with you by sexual preference.  I tried it just now though, and the system seems pretty wonky. When you first set up your profile, it asks you “Looking for girls?  Guys?  Both?” Based on that, it decides whether you’re straight, gay, or bi.  Then you can do an advanced search for someone who meets one of those categories.

Something is off here though, because the same people come up for “bi” as for “gay.” Heck, even I come up as “gay,” and the last time I checked I was more or less straight.  None of the orientation info is listed on people’s actual profiles, so it’s impossible to tell what they’re “looking for.”  One Heroine-Sheik reader (holla, phalligator) has gotten around the issue by just making his i’m in like with you tagline “queer.”

Why is the system being so cryptic about sexual orientation? I get that it’s a delicate subject, but we’re talking about a dating site here.  Also, the question “What are you looking for?” doesn’t quite cut it.  What if I’m looking for girls as friends?  The game shouldn’t assume that I’m gay.  Let’s be clear.  Come on, i’m in like with you, no need to stay in the closet.

Back to work.  Also, mmm, brains…

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8 Responses to “I Am the Walking Dead”

  1. Patrick Says:

    You doing the grad school thing after this? You trying to focus ona journalistm career or a designer career?

  2. Bonnie Says:

    Hey, Patrick. Sorry I haven’t gotten back to your email from a while ago. The ad thing you sent me never opened right.

    Anyways, I’m hoping to do grad school, but probably not for a couple years. My brain needs a rest :). For now, I’m hoping to keep up the journalism and also start a real-person (i.e. day) job. I’ll keep you posted though!

    How’s the whole post-graduation thing going with you?

  3. phalligator Says:

    yeah, I’m in like with you isn’t doing it for me. I put queer in my profile and then I posted a ‘game.’ My game was “Are there any queers here? B/C I feel like the only one.” …or something like that. Anyway, no one (ZERO) people played my game. But when I just logged on there were all these points in my account and I don’t know where they came from.

    boo hoo.

  4. Bonnie Says:

    Ooh, I’m sorry I missed that game. I would have at least bid with something cute :).

    I definitely don’t get the point system either. You win a game, but you don’t win all the points someone bids, only most of them. Plus, your number of total points seems to go up at random. Oh well.

  5. phalligator Says:

    It tries to inspire you to stay on the website by asking those little questions like “do you like to take shots?” “Cool.”

    Looks a lot like Twitter. Is that a coincidence?

  6. Bonnie Says:

    Actually, those little yes/no questions totally work to get me to stick around. They’re fast and kind of fun to answer. Then again, basically anything that gives me instant feedback is a welcome distraction right now. Like posting this comment. I write it, and then it’s done. Instand gratification. Unlike my thesis, which will never end! Except that it’s due tomorrow, so I guess it will…

    Sorry, just going crazy :).

  7. Leigh Says:

    You know, I haven’t checked it out yet, but it sounds like it’s similar to OKCupid.com, right down to the weird gay/straight confusion. It keeps you hooked with little quizzes too, which it then uses to sort your results by people whose answers match yours by the highest percentile. It’s less of a “game” than a social networking site– but I’m in Like With You sounds more like a social networking site than a game, too.

  8. Bonnie Says:

    Yeah, I’m still not sure how many people actually use it for dating. Scott keeps talking about making a game that’s like a social networking site but is actually a game–like with RPG elements and all. Hey, Scott, yeah you, if you’re reading this, put your money where your mouth is, because that sounds really fun!

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