April 26th, 2007

I appear to be on an i’m in like with you binge. It’s the topic of my Joystiq column this week, “Love on the Auction Block.” Since you Heroine Sheik readers already know all about it though, there are also some tidbits in there about what emergent behavior in player flirtatiousness. Yeah, that’s what I said. Big woop, wanna fight about it?

One thing I only got to touch on in the column, but that I’m really interested in, is non-hetero flirting/dating in the game. From the way Dan described it and from the way the site describes itself, the whole thing seems really oriented toward guys meeting girls, and vice versa. But what about meeting people of the same sex? I’ve seen a few instances of girls bidding on flirtatious auctions put up by other girls, but most of those have been pretty borderline…

Anyways, I’ve started a game/auction to ask if anyone’s tried. Then again, since I’m off the dating market, it’s not like I can just advertise for interested women. My hope is that, with a title like “Girl-on-girl action,” it’ll at least get some attention.

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12 Responses to “Girls in like with girls?”

  1. phalligator Says:

    My ‘where is Keene wonder mine?’ game (it hurts to call it a game) has only drawn the ladies, even though I clicked “both” as what I’m looking for. My bio now says I’m queer, since I’m not into binaries.

  2. BrainFromArous Says:

    Girl on girl action? Where?!


    Hey, Bonster. Long time no post. How’s things?

  3. Bonnie Says:

    Not bad, thanks. A little busy. How’s life with you?

    Hey, Phalligator, found your game (since your my only bid at the moment–such competition). I’d bid too if I had any idea what Keen wonder mine was :)

  4. phalligator Says:

    It’s an abandoned mine in Death Valley national park that is so incredibly cool. There’s a maze of mine shafts you can crawl in, ore carts still hanging hundreds of feet above the ravine, and train tracks leading to nowhere.

    My game allows cheating.

  5. Bonnie Says:

    Ooh, sounds like so much fun! I love that kind of thing!

    Also, what kind of cheating?

  6. BrainFromArous Says:

    I’ve been webbing about. Checking in with HS now and again. Blah.

  7. BrainFromArous Says:

    Edit: I mean “blah” in general, not regarding HS.

  8. Bonnie Says:

    Glad to hear it :).

  9. phalligator Says:

    by cheating I meant that it’s okay to play my ‘game’ even if you don’t know where Keene Wonder Mine is. But that’s not really cheating. Poor word choice. : )

  10. Jade Reporting » Dealing with some backlog [Cerise launch edition] Says:

    […] On being the token “girl gamer” Girls in like with girls? Killer Women: Theresa Pudenz Friday Open Thread: Whatcha playin’? That? Oh, I kick your ass. […]

  11. Jim_Rock Says:

    You should so totally throw me an invite, so I can procastinate at work with yet another web 2.0 site. I’m a faithful bloglines reader, please?

  12. Bonnie Ruberg Says:

    Invite sent :). Enjoy!

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