February 27th, 2007

Heroine Sheik-reader earthbound kid has an interesting post up at his site, Dead Hobo Society, about the gender break-down on Wii’s new channel, “Everybody Votes.”  For those who don’t know (I’m sorry, does that mean you don’t own a Wii?  You have my pity.  They are delicious), “Everybody Votes” lets you use your Miis to weigh in on really important issues, like, do you brush your teeth after breakfast or before?  It also gives you a chance to vote on what you think the popular answer will be.  A few days after each poll, you can check back for results. 

As earthbound kid points out, “Everybody Votes” is a demographic treasure trove.  “Think of it: reportedly, Nintendo has shipped 6 million Wiis world wide. If even 10% of those users voted on the first poll, Nintendo collected 600,000 votes.”  And of those 600,000 voters, he reports, 76.5% are male, 23.5% female.  But of course, those numbers have to be taken into perspective.  Technically, it’s not the players voting, it’s the Miis. I know in our household, for example (Okay, our household is a dorm room with a boarded-up fireplace), Scott is the big voter, and he usually uses Carmilla, our adorably tiny female vampire Mii.  And yet he is male.  The irony.

Personally, I’m almost more interested in looking at this data in terms of Mii demographics, not player demographics.  On our system, our Miis are pretty evenly split male to female, but I know our Mii parade is predominantly male.  Is that because we like to make Miis that look like ourselves, and most Wii players are male?  Or because male Mii’s look better?  True, it’s hard to make a beautiful Mii, but what’s the point if you can’t turn someone you love, someone attractive, into a super-deformed lego figurine?  On that note, thanks, earthbound kid!

P.S. About that toothbrushing thing, totally before.  I must admit, and I don’t mean to condemn here, it freaks me out that anyone would do it after.  A crime against nature, that’s what that is.  After-brushers of the world, I’m talking to you.

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7 Responses to ““Everybody Votes” by Gender Lines”

  1. the earthbound kid Says:

    Thanks for the link Bonnie! I’ll probably update the site a little this afternoon with the newest numbers and some proofreading.

  2. Bonnie Says:

    Looking forward to it :).

  3. Coldstone Says:

    Wait, you mean you make your teeth clean … then you get them dirty again? Ewww. If you brush afterwards, you won’t have bacon breath all day.

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