January 23rd, 2007

Since Scott was a hardcore doll and camped out for our Wii the night before launch, I’ve been totally out of the coveting circuit.  My little brother, however, who still can’t drive, has been verbally clawing at us to take him to Best Buy every Sunday morning for the past two months (This week, apparently, was his lucky week.  I’m just glad it wasn’t me who got suckered into taking him). 

So maybe I shouldn’t have been so surprised to see, today as I was sorting through twelve days worth of spam, that, along with illegal medicine and seedy money handling, email now offers me the chance to get involved in the trade of bootleg Wii’s.  Can anyone really want one that bad?  Or be that stupid?  “Hot holiday item”: no excuse; the holidays are over.  Unless you live in my house, where the Christmas tree will rule the living room until July. 

So who out there’s still waiting?

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