January 4th, 2007

Today we’re off for twelve days in Israel, where we will be blissfully internet-deprived, but before we leave we’ve switched things around a bit. Up this afternoon at Joystiq you’ll find a “Playing Dirty” column on Resident Evil 4 and the queer hero–not by me, by Scott. Next Thursday, stop by Joystiq for an “Off the Grid” column about Scrabble and word dork-dom by yours truly. Oh, the silliness. A happy two weeks of tech living to all!

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3 Responses to “Up, Up, and Away!”

  1. MusashiX2 Says:

    i was just browsing through the comments (which i always regret wasting my time for) on Joystiq for the latest Playing Dirty article. it is funny how pointing out things a character does as gay really hits ppl’s heart strings. they get all frazzled because the character they like so much is being portrayed as gay, and maybe now they view them in a different light. i think this is when ignorance or fear of homosexuality shows. think about it… most gamers are male, so they are the same gender as said character. when the gamer gets very attached to the character and is told that the character is gay, they get scared cause it might mean that *GASP* the gamer is gay too!!! lol, i really think it is funny. i think it would be cool to play a gay character (other than a chick, cause thats nothing new). in the past, i think it was when final fantasy 9 was coming out, i asked my friend why they dont have the main character of a FF be african? or of middle eastern descent? he always told me that its cause its not what ppl want. well, i want something like that. why is it that i have heard many ppl talk about not like playing as an afro-american man in San Andreas? closet racism, if you ask me (maybe not in all accounts, but its there). well the same goes for the Queer Hero. as for who would be the person to give you the Queer Hero? i mean really do it, not just have it be an after-thought with much controversy like Leon in RE4. i think you gotta ask Kojima for something like that. look at the bonus movie in MGS3 Subsistence where he has Snake making out with the director of the CIA (i think thats who it was). i thought that was the funniest thing i ever seen, especially when they were prancing around and shit. granted, that was just a joke. maybe in MGS4 Snake will die in Raiden’s arms but not until they share a Goodbye kiss. im sure many ppl read that and be like “WTF?” but why not? it doesnt make Snake any less cool of a character in my eyes.

    so yeah, to sum all that up…. good article, Scott.

  2. Adam Says:

    Have fun in Israel. I just got back from Canada so I’ll have to check in on this article…

  3. Scott Jon Siegel Says:

    The commenting system has been fixed. Apologies to anyone who wasn’t able to post. The things that happen when you leave the country.

    Also, thanks for the kind words, Musashi. Happy you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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