January 2nd, 2007

Here in Philadelphia, we celebrate each new year with the Mummers Parade, a downright dazzling display of glitter, feathers, and choreographed dancing performed almost exclusively by men.  Not just any men: Irish- and Italian-American men from south Philly.  In short, guys you wouldn’t normally expect to see wearing frocks.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I adore the Mummers Parade, but the thing no one’s mentioning is this seems to be one big show in drag.  Talk about your holiday inversions.  Manly gets glitter.  And more glitter. Maybe it’s like the plummage on male birds.  Whatever it is, it’s shiny.

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4 Responses to “Philly’s Men in Glitter”

  1. Corvus Says:

    I didn’t realize you lived in Philly as well, Bonnie. Perhaps I simply haven’t been paying close enough attention. As a new-ish Philly resident, I’m curious about the Mummer’s parade and its excesses. However, as someone with friends who do actual “historic” mumming during the holidays, I’m a little put off. One of these years I’ll have to actually catch the festivities and make a first hand determination I suppose.

    Of course, it doesn’t take much to get me into a dress…

  2. Bonnie Says:

    Ooh, maybe you could explain to me exactly what historic mumming is. I admit the term in general confuses me…

  3. glitter Says:

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