November 21st, 2006

Yes, as of 9:00 Sunday morning, our Wii moved into it’s new home.  Or, really, as of 8:00 Saturday night Scott camped out in the freezing cold and crawled home past dawn with the console clutched in his cold, exhausted hands.  Anyways, that’s what loved ones are for.

At the moment, we’re populating the earth with lots of tiny Mii’s.  Also, I succeeded in bruising not just a Wii girl, but now Scott as well.  Right in the arm.  Hey, I was batting; who told him to get so close?  If anybody asks, he fell down some stairs.

Rayman Raving Rabbids and Twilight Princess also came home from the pound (or, you know, Target) Sunday morning.  Work on my senior thesis, or play with the Wii?  It’s going to be a productive week.

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8 Responses to “We have a Wii!”

  1. Patrick Says:

    I know what thats about, I beefed it on my doorframe on my way to bed last night. Balance issues.

    I’d be interested to hear what your thesis is.

  2. MD² Says:

    Have some productive fun.

    (How’s that for spoiling the mood ?)

    I must say I still have big doubts about the wiimote. My couple of tries on the machine give me very little hope about the thing. It feels like the DS fiasco all over again.
    Now don’t misunderstand me, I love my DS and think it’s a pretty good console (i.e: it has a good catalog), but as far as the control scheme is concerned, I think it failed. The only games that benefit from the stylus are the games whose gameplay elements have been built directly around it. The others ? Well it’s nice to be given a choice, but in the end, the pad is always the most elegant, efficient solution I found.

    The introduction of new control schemes by Nintendo appears to me as a good way to reach for people who’ve been kept out by the (now) conventional mechanical interface (and it’s good that those people are given a chance to enjoy themselves on terms more accomodating to them), but as far as a gaming revolution is concerned, I think we’re far from it.
    I can’t but picture all this as a minor evolution holding-up some very real potentials, but eventually leading up to a dead end.

    And a new abusive parents excuse on the way: “we were just playing the wii”. ^_^”

  3. BrainFromArous Says:

    If anybody asks, he fell down some stairs.

    Was that a domestic violence joke, young lady? Take care now, lest you find yourself the subject of righteously angry “THAT’S NOT FUNNY” posts across the feminist blogosphere. ;)

  4. Devon Says:

    I’m just going to say that so far the Wii has disappointed me. I was hoping that the control would be more, well controlable. It seems to be inexact at best and as a gamer who loves precision, I’m not ready to jump on board with a blunt instrument. We’ll see how the implementation progresses and if the controls tighten up, but if they don’t I feel like Nintendo might have made the right move before the technology was quite at the right time. At least for me personally. Something tells me this things is going to sell marvelously, but it doesn’t do what I hoped.

  5. Corvus Says:

    Well, I’m loving it so far. I’ve clocked a ton of time in Zelda and the mizzus and I bowl or play golf at every opportunity.

    From what I can see, the Wiimote is exactly as precise as the game code that implements your movements.

    Feel free to add my friend code, which can be found on the Contact page over at the blog.

  6. 100littledolls Says:

    I finally got to play Wii Sports with my partner last night. After about 10 minutes or so of a rousing game of tennis, I wasmyself a victim of being whacked in the arm with the wiimote. :)

    I love it. In fact, I was surprised at the accuracy of the wiimote. Even in a video game though, I suck at backhand swings.

  7. Bonnie Says:

    Yeah, I must say, I’m loving it, too. We’ve been playing a lot of , and the controls are a blast. Even with Zelda, they actually feel pretty cozy. Plus it’s all just so pretty. Scott has custody of the system for the holiday :(. I’ll have to buy it’s love back with gifts.

    Was that a domestic violence joke, young lady?
    But of course ;).

  8. MD² Says:

    Scott has custody of the system for the holiday :(.

    Now that‘s domestic violence if I ever saw some.

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