September 28th, 2006

While helping out at Crossroads this Saturday, I ran into ITP student Dan Albritton, who’s apparently taking some time off to work on I’m in like with you (website presumably pending), a “digital flirting game”.  Dan says the idea is to improve on social networks like MySpace or online dating services by letting guys compete for girls’ attention. 

So what’s new?  This time the feathery display is actually built into the game mechanics.  Not that I’m in like with you is technically a game, but there are points (you’ll need them to contact a potential sweetheart), and you can move up the rankings (even if they are the rankings of how much she digs you).

Personally, as someone who’s not interested in picking up a new mate (no matter how pretty his feathers are), I think this could be super-fun simply as a game.  Play male or play female.  Try to charm the pants off the cutest girl in virtual town.  Or watch men squander their hard-earned points to awaken your love.  But maybe that’s just my inner heartbreaker talking.

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5 Responses to “Female Seeking Prettiest Peacock”

  1. Scott Jon Siegel Says:

    I 100% agree on this. Dan, if you’re out there, consider augmenting your business model and making this an actual game, and not just one more dating site. Let players choose whether they want to play “the man” or “the woman.” I’d rather play this one than actually do it to find a mate. (‘specially since I have one already) -sj

  2. Bonnie Says:

    Of course you agree, silly. It was your idea.

  3. MD² Says:

    Strange, I thought I had posted something here last week…
    Damn, another case of written, not posted.

    Anyway, ultra-short version: nice idea, dangerous in execution from my personal experience, would need a pretty strict code to prevent persona adapting to processes.

  4. Bonnie Says:

    Persona adapting to processes? Do explain.

  5. MD² Says:

    Something I grabbed from my days helping in a NPO. You notice it with junkies first, the way their behavior is being set up by their need/want, and the way their persona is being reworked to fit that set up – which is why a lot of them can lie convincingly without you noticing: they believe they’re telling you the truth the moment they’re speaking.
    The thing is, this is not inherent to the junky condition, everyone does that. It’s just that with junkies, we can see the process happenning in matters of minutes, which is quite unnerving, as it negates the illusion that we are actually someone.

    Now, with lots of games – especially those of a social nature – you’ll notice that some people start playing, but their persona get slowly reworked by the goals they set themselves within the game, till it’s no more a game to them, and they’re no more the personthat started playing. They have adapted to the change.

    Hope I make sense. I’m still just taking coffee, my mind’s not fully functional.

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